Delhi Crime 2 Review: Shefali Shah Starrer Justifies The 3-Year Long Wait!

How often does it happen that you wait for the second installment for a long time & it turns out to be a disappointment? Fortunately, Delhi Crime 2 does not disappoint. Delhi Crime 2 review is out now.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Aug 26, 2022 11:57 IST
Delhi Crime 2 Review: Shefali Shah Starrer Justifies The 3-Year Long Wait!
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It is quite challenging to list the USPs of the much anticipated second season of Delhi Crime on Netflix. The first episode of the 2019 series, which focused on the Nirbhaya rape case, was so meticulously put together that it resembled a work of art that was passing itself off as a real-life documentary. In Season One, every performer performed brilliantly in practically every episode. 

The same is true for Season 2, although this time the show is given more freedom. It is not based on a well-known incident that shocked the country. Instead, it is based on the "Moon Gazer" chapter of the true-crime collection Khaki Files, which was written by former police officer Neeraj Kumar. Here's our Delhi Crime 2 review for you. 

Delhi Crime 2 Review

Delhi Crime season 2 is just as gripping as the first. The police procedural is practically professional but obviously warm and intimate since the episodes are drenched in a sense of subdued but undeniable dread. The overworked, underpaid, anxious, and sleepless crew of cops in Delhi Crime are all portrayed with fluid ease.

DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, the team's captain, is portrayed with outstanding confidence by Shefali Shah, who controls the role. I dare anyone else to put on her uniform, let alone her explosive experiences as a woman professional forced to halt the wave of hate crimes that sweeps Delhi following the murder-suicide of an elderly couple while they slept.

We are hooked from the first episode or first shot to the last due to the design of the opening. The killers' identities are made public in the fourth episode. Once the killers are revealed, one would assume that the series will lose its arduously won momentum. However, every twist and turn in the story ushers in a brand-new stage of interest.

It would be an understatement to say that Delhi Crime 2 was a police force tour de force. The series grabs us by the jowls this time, just like it did last time, and won't let go. Tanuj Chopra, who took over for Richie Mehta as director in the first season, is admirably in charge and doesn't allow for side-tracked discussion. The story leaps into the gloom like an arrow to discover answers to problems that are almost impossible to know. What drives a person to behave with such abhorrent wickedness toward their own kind?

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A note on the show's unseen hero. David Bolen, the director of photography, gives each frame something that goes beyond the immediate. On a small screen, night scenes typically don't reveal much. Many of the scenes in Delhi Crime 2 were filmed at night. Bolen gives us the freedom to stare unblinkingly at every flicker in the shadows.

Vartika Chaturvedi is standing tall and unconquered in the middle of the bloody mayhem of a tribal-styled killing spree. Despite the cost to her family, she won't give up on solving the murder. She gives off the impression of being more attached to her coworkers than to her house. Her seldom home conversations with her anxious younger brother, Bhupendra Singh (Rajesh Tailang, superb), reveal their slightly closer relationship.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it's a must-watch series, probably the first ever Indian Web series that has escaped the 2nd season curse. If you love dark, thrilling & serious shows, then Delhi Crime is perfect for you. Remember, this is show is strictly for mature audiences.

Final Rating- 4.5/5

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