By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 09, 2020 11:49 IST
WHO Chief replied Trump over allegations- to stop deaths US-China should work together

WHO Chief replied to US President Trump's accusation of being China Centric, that WHO should not be politicized. Our work should not be politicized, we need to work together said WHO Chief. Extending his response WHO Chief warned that 'we all should work together during this pandemic time, if we do not, there will be more deaths, deaths everywhere added General Tedros*. America and China should work together, we all need to fight this was against Coronavirus he said.

WHO Chief Replies Trump over allegation

1) Why Donald Trump urged WHO to be careless: 

The condition of America has become alike Cemetary place, all the cases of the Coronavirus patients are out of control. A huge number of people are in the hospital. The biggest problem created in the US due to coronavirus, Donald Trump urged to WHO to be careless in this huge catastrophe. USA president also in the worse problem because there is no vaccine around the world of it. Yet, it has spread like fire around the world mostly in the US.

Donald Trump said that coronavirus could have been stopped to spread around the world if the WHO Chief concentrate on the first case of Coronavirus in China. Therefore Donald Trump Donald accused WHO to be careless and become the cause of spreading the coronavirus in the world.

2) Why WHO Chief's strong reply to Donald Trump:

After listening to the speech of the US President that Donald Trump said WHO chief to be careless, then WHO Chief's strong reply to Donald Trump. WHO chief replied to Trump, during a press conference in Geneva 'If we don't improve, we will have more corpses in front of us. World Health Organization director-general Tedros Adhanom Gabriesses has said that the coronavirus should not be 'politicized'.

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WHO chief replied to Trump because the problem is not for only one country it is all over the world. So we all have to focus on fighting against coronavirus not to play Political Game, WHO chief replied to Trump.

Coronavirus Data of China and the US

worldwide coronavieus data

3) Comparing the data of the Coronavirus of China and the US.

(This is taken from the Worldometers info on 9 April 2020 at 10:43 am)

Total cases: 4,35,128
Total Death: 14,795
Total Recovered:22,891 [This is data of the USA]

Total cases: 81,865
Total Death: 3,335
Total Recovered: 77,370 [This is data of China]

4) WHO chief replied to Trump together to China and US

Now it is necessary that we all work together. If we do not improve, then more coffins will be placed in front of us. There will be a pile of corpses. WHO answered at this time, China and America should work together in the fight against Coronavirus.  This time is to fight with the coronavirus, it will be possible when all the country will fight with Novel Coronavirus. Do not play Political games in the country.

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