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Countries lifting lockdown- Italy, US, Germany, UK, Spain prepared roadmap to ease restrictions

 Several European & American countries including UK, Italy, USA, Spain, Germany, Belgium & others have outlined their roadmap to lift or easing the lockdown. The restrictions imposed in countries due to Coronavirus pandemic including State machinery, Education, Industries, Sports & other are going to resume in phased manner as outlined from next few weeks. Following the economic backlash, several states of USA including New York, have prepared to give ease in lockdown and likely to resume functioning in phased manner, according to New York Governor. In addition to United States, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom have also expressed to give ease in lockdown restrictions. Italy and UK two major affected countries in first week of April, have also prepared roadmap to lift lockdown in May first week. Belgium on other hand has also said to lift lockdown from May 4.

Here is the list of Countries lifting or easing Lockdown

States in US preparing to lift restrictions from May 4-

Some U.S. states are preparing to lift coronavirus restrictions this week, against the warnings of many public health experts. New York Governor has also planned to ease restrictions in phased manner.

UK to ease Lockdown from May 7-

  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could ease lockdown before May 7 deadline, a leading newspaper ‘The Telegraph' reported.

Italy to lift lockdown from May 4-

Italy plans to lift its coronavirus lockdown in stages, with the country to resume manufacturing and construction first. Italy to start lifting coronavirus lockdown from May 4, said PM Conte. Italian PM also said sports training can start in May, no date for Serie A re-start.

Italy will allow factories and building sites to re-open from May 4 before allowing more businesses to open in following weeks as it prepares a staged end to Europe's longest coronavirus lockdown, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Sunday. However Italian prime minister has said schools, however, would not reopen until September. More than two months after the first case of COVID-19 appeared in a small town outside Milan and following weeks of lockdown, Italy is looking ahead to a second phase of the crisis in which it will attempt to restart the economy without triggering a second wave of the disease, reported Reuters.

Belgium to lift lockdown restrictions from May 4-

  • Belgium has also unveiled step-by-step plan to lift lockdown restrictions from 4 May. Has announced plan to allow shops to open from 11 May, with schools reopening the following week but with caps on the number of pupils in each standard.

Spain- From May 2

  • Children to be permitted to leave their homes once per day with an adult. Government expected to allow outdoor exercise and walks from 2 May, provided infection rate continues to slow.

Austria- From May 1

  • Larger shops, shopping centres and hairdressers due to reopen from 1 May. Restaurants and hotels could reopen from mid-May if health conditions allow.

Ireland extends lockdown till May 18-

Ireland to extend coronavirus lockdown to May 18. Schools and colleges in the country will reopen in September, says Prime Minister Leo Varadkar: AFP news agency

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Switzerland- From May 11

Opened some businesses such as approved hairdresser and flower shops but next stage begins 11 May when primary school children return to school and all retail stores reopen.

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Germany- From 27 April

  • In Germany mesures eased last week, leading to an increase in social activity that has worried some health authorities. Masks to be mandatory in shops and on public transport from 27 April.

France- Decision on Tuesday

  • Prime minister Edouard Philippe will present a national exit strategy to parliament on Tuesday, which will then debate and vote on the recommendations.

India- Lockdown extended till 17 May

Indian Government, Ministry of Home Affairs has extended the nationwide lockdown for 2 more weeks, from May 3. Earlier the 21 days lockdown ended on April 21, extended further till May 3. Amending the Para 11 of Disaster Management Act, MHA on Friday extended the lockdown till May 17. This extension will be implemented with new guidelines in lockdown

Portugal- From May

  • Portugal has planned to start lifting restrictions from start of May, with further easing to be considered every 15 days.

Norway- From 30 April-

  • Extending ban on large events to 1 September, but will rule on 30 April on whether to start permitting events with fewer than 500 attendees to go ahead.

Czech Republic- From 27 April

  • Reopening universities on 27 April as part of flurry of lifted restriction in recent days. Non-essential travel now permitted as is meeting in groups smaller than 10 but masks are mandatory in public.  

Greece- From 27 April

  • Registry offices and courts to reopen on 27 April, with plans under discussion to reopen some commercial outlets from next.

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However some countries have imposed less restrictive measures, for example Sweden, where shops, restaurants and junior schools have stayed open.

Note- Following list of Countries and reoorts on lifting Lockdown or easing restrictions imposed due to Covid19 is based on Rueters report of dated April 26, 2020.

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