Thuramukham Release Date, Star Cast, Trailer, Plot, Genre & Everything We Know

Nivin Pauly is now ready to present Thuramukham, his protracted and ambitious effort. The historical drama, which is Nivin’s debut collaboration with filmmaker Rajeev Ravi is finally hitting the box office soon. Thuramukham release date, star cast, trailer, plot, genre & everything we know are here.

By Puja Roy, Updated : Dec 17, 2022 16:46 IST
Thuramukham Release Date, Star Cast, Trailer, Plot, Genre & Everything We Know

Thuramukham- Plot 

‘Thuramukham’ is based on KM Chidambaram’s popular play of the same name that tells the story of the hardships of workers and their protests against the infamous ‘Chappa’ system which was prevailing in Mattancherry harbor in Kochi during the 1940s and 50s time period. 

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Metal tokens of labor were called Chappa which were thrown into the waiting crowds of laborers and they would fight for the Chappa.  

And whoever gets to earn that was given work for the day at the godowns. Fighting and protesting against this cruel system has resulted in the killing of three laborers in police firing.

Here, in the film, the narrative revolves around two brothers being on opposite sides in the games and epic struggles against the bosses.

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Thuramukham- Star Cast 

  • Nivin Pauly as Mattancherry Moidu 

  • Indrajith Sukumaran as Santo Gopalan 

  • Joju George as Mymood 

  • Sudev Nair as Pacheek 

  • Arjun Ashokan as Hamza 

  • Manikandan R. Achari as Umboocha 

  • Senthil Krishna as Srank 

  • Nimisha Sajayan as Umani 

  • Poornima Indrajith as Umma 

  • Darshana Rajendran as Khadeeja 

Thuramukham- Trailer 

Thuramukham- Release Date 

Previously, the film was slated to release in theatres in May 2022, but due to pandemic issues and other unknown reasons, ‘Thuramukham’s theatrical release was rescheduled to 22nd December 2022. 

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