Another surgical strike inside Pakistan, Iran rescues its abducted soldiers from Balochistan

According to recent reports, Iran has executed surgical strikes inside the Balochistan province of Pakistan on Tuesday night. IRGC, Iran's army rescued two of its soldiers from Pakistan backed terror outfits operating in Balochistan.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Feb 04, 2021 18:12 IST
Another surgical strike inside Pakistan, Iran rescues its abducted soldiers from Balochistan
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran

Another surgical strike has been executed in Pakistan. This time Iran has entered into Pakistan and killed the terrorists and liberated two of its soldiers. With this, Iran has become the third country to have killed terrorists inside Pakistan's border. America and India have done this before. The surgical strike was carried out on Tuesday night.

Sources said that many Pakistani soldiers have also been killed in this operation, who were giving cover fire to the terrorists. It has been reported that Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) has carried out the operation by going deep inside Pakistan on the basis of intelligence. In this operation, IRGC has also rescued two of his soldiers from the occupation of Pakistan.

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Sources associated with the IRGC said that Iranian troops entered Pakistan's illegally occupied Balochistan and freed their troops from the occupation of Jaish al-Adal. This has also been confirmed in the official statement issued by the Revolutionary Guards and it has been said that on the basis of intelligence information, it has liberated its troops inside Pakistan.

"This operation has been successfully carried out on Tuesday to free the two border guards abducted by the terrorist group," the statement said. Jaish ul-Adal or Jaish al-Adal is a Salafi jihadist terrorist organization operating mainly in southeastern Iran. This terrorist organization has carried out several attacks on civilian and military bases in Iran. 

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This terrorist organization gets full support from the Pakistani army for the massacre of innocent people in Balochistan. Sources in the IRGC said that the freed Iranian border guards were abducted in 2018 and the Pakistan-backed militant group has since been held hostage in Pakistan. He has now been rescued through a surgical strike.

Pakistan's state-sponsored terrorism has again provoked one of its neighbors to take military action on Pakistani soil, This incident may lead Pakistan to take a decision against terror outfits operating inside Pakistan. Imran Khan-led Government may invoke a strong response from FATF as well.

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