By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 08, 2020 15:14 IST
Chhattisgarh Engineering student develops Doctor Robot, to interact with Corona patients

A Chhattisgarh based Engineering student Yogesh Sahu recently built an Internet Controlled Robot that can be used to check to the patients in favor of Doctors. 

Yogesh Sahu: A student of the Final year in Chhattisgarh Engineering University named Yogesh Sahu in Mahasamund, claims that he has built an internet controlled electronic robot that can be used to attend to the patient on behalf of doctors so that the life of the Docter can be saved from Novel Coronavirus. Engineering students said that doctors are struggling with their lives to save the infected people of the coronavirus, an engineering student Built an electronic robot for helping the doctor.

Engineering student develops Doctor robot

Engineering student develops Doctor robot

Yogesh Kumar said that he and his two friends built this electronic robot, and the cost of the electronic robots almost Rs 5000 to make this perfect to build completely. 

Yogesh Kumar claimed that Robots directly to connect with the internet, and then it can be operated from anywhere. There will be a camera in the eyes of the Robots, the doctors will use that camera to interact with the patients, and will give the medicines in it.

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The purpose of making the robots was to provide safety to the doctors because most of the doctors are infected with coronavirus during the treatment of the patients.

According to ANI, an engineering student with their friends have done great work to build robots in Chhattisgarh, the government will look it and should be given it help as soon as possible, to save the life of the doctor. Robots will help to save the life of the doctor.

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