YouTube and Gmail Crash: How, when and where the 'Google Server' down observed? Details

On Monday, Google services including Youtube and Gmail crashed for a short duration across different parts of the globe. Services that affected millions of users include Youtube, GMail, Google Maps, Google Drive, Hangouts, Meet, Play and Duo remained suspended.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Dec 14, 2020 19:49 IST
YouTube and Gmail Crash: How, when and where the 'Google Server' down observed? Details
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Google services, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Photos, Hangout, Google Meet, Google Play and Duo, were down for millions of users across the world. The services remain suspended for over 30 minutes across Europe, Asia and other regions. The report has been confirmed by the Downdetector the outage was started at 5:01 pm (IST) and continued till 6:00 pm (IST), withi a peak of 10 minutes between 5:31 pm to 5:41 pm, the data shows. The halt of Google services affected millions of users worldwide.

In an unprecedented Worldwide development, Google Services including Gmail, YouTube, Google Map, Google Drive, Hangout, Meet, Play and Duo remained suspended for close to an hour. The Google Services in remained suspended for the Users in various parts of the world including the United States of America, India, Japan, the United Kingdom, and European Union States.

Such as Gmail Users could get access to click on Gmail but failed to successfully log into their Gmail Account. Likewise, the Users of other Services could open the Page but failed to sign in to get personalised results. However, the services started restoring after 5:58 pm (IST) and restored around 6:30 pm (IST), See Latest report reads.

YouTube giving clarification on this matter, said “We are aware that many of you are having issues accessing YouTube right now – our team is aware and looking into it. We'll update you here as soon as we have more news."

Whereas giving update on the restoration, Youtube writes- "Update- We’re back up and running! You should be able to access YouTube again and enjoy videos as normal". However, Google is yet to comment on the crash of services.

According to Downdetector almost all the Google services were affected due to the major crash. That includes Youtube, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Photos, Hangouts, Meet, Google Play and Duo.

The downing of Google Services resulted millions affected globally. According to the sources, many users observed errors while opening the google services. And triying to sign-out and sign-in they failed to do so. At web, Apps including IOS and Android, the services remained suspended, source adds. 

‘We’re sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. You can view the G Suite Status Dashboard for the current status of the service.’ Gmail screen read.

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