Prodigy Finance Brings the Most Accessible Education Loans - A Great Alternative to Traditional Student Funding

Prodigy Finance specialises in providing international student loans for postgraduate education. A quick and completely online application process with a provisional loan offer, if successful. Prodigy Finance evaluates applications based on the unique credit assessment method for loans that do not require any collateral, co-signer, or guarantor. No repayment is required during the course term for full-time students and a 6-month grace period after the classes end.

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Prodigy Finance Brings the Most Accessible Education Loans - A Great  Alternative to Traditional Student Funding

Prodigy Finance, a leader in international student loans, is redefining the landscape of student funding with its unique and accessible loan solution. Catering specifically to international postgraduate students, Prodigy Finance offers a compelling alternative to traditional funding methods.

Breaking the Financial Barriers

Access to world-class education is limited by financial means. This is especially true inemerging markets where aspiring students don’t have the means to show collateral to supporttheir financial need for higher education. Prodigy Finance works to remove this financial barrierfor such high-potential students. They evaluate the loan applications based on the candidate'sacademic profile and the school's reputation rather than just their current financial situation,which most traditional lenders overlook. 

Global Reach and Impact 

Talent and opportunities are distributed across the globe. Prodigy Finance bridges this gap and  builds a uniform platform that makes it easier for students to study at the university of their  choice, regardless of the country. They have partnered with over 1442 schools across 450 universities from 18 countries to facilitate funding for master’s programs. Furthermore, they  allow students to initiate a request form for the schools that are currently not covered in their  offerings. 


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Prodigy Finance


More Than Just Loans 

Their support to international students is wider than financial support. All the borrowers gain access to their global community and have helped 30,000 students since their inception in 2007.  Many of those who have graduated have become leaders in their respective fields. Prodigy  Finance makes networking opportunities accessible to aspiring students, connecting them to  experienced alumni. 

Key Benefits of Prodigy Finance 

  • Competitive Interest Rates: It offers market-range interest rates that start from 11.5%  and an average APR of 14.9% with a one-time administration fee of 5%. 
  • Direct Disbursement to College: The loan amount for tuition is directly deposited with  the school and saves the students the hassle of handling complex international  transfers.
  • Funding for Tuition + Living Expenses: Complete cost-of-attendance (CoA) coverage so that students can focus on academics.
  • Flexible Repayment Plans: The tenure is flexible from 7 to 20 years. There is no  penalty for prepayment. 

About Prodigy Finance

Founded in 2007, Prodigy Finance is an international student lender that has helped over 30,000 international masters students attend the world’s top universities. To date, Prodigy has disbursed over $1.75b in funding to students from more than 150 countries Prodigy Finance is fuelled by impact investors and other private qualified entities who invest in tomorrow's leaders while earning a financial and social return. Prodigy’s borderless lending model enables students to apply for a loan through their unique eligibility assessment model and not just their current circumstances and credit history.

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