By Neha Sinha, Updated : Jun 24, 2020 10:20 IST
Who Will be the Next CM of Maharashtra % of Chances- Rope is in NCP’s Hand

Shiv Sena who had been supportive to BJP in Maharashtra State, is likely to form the Government with the NCP & outsider support of Congress Party. The mashup which was heated after the announcement of Assembly election results on October 24, is likely to end with the Govt Formation in state. BJP which is the Number one party in winning seats in Maharashtra state likely to loose the support from Shiv Sena and may console itself in opposition. Though BJP party had a pre-pole alliance with the Shiv Sena, but likely it has lost the Govt formation opportunity in Maharashtra State. 

Maharashtra Government CM Race 

As per the reports coming BJP has lost an opportunity to form government in Maharashtra state third time. Whereas BJP’s old ally Shiv Sena seems top on the floor. Uddhav Thakre led Shiv Sena  party with the NCP’s coalition and outside support of Congress party likely to pass the floor test. Shiv Sena and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are all set to come together to form government in Maharashtra state and are also confident to pass the floor test with the outside support of Congress Party.  

Based on sources’ confirmation the 19-day long political uncertainty in Maharashtra likely to end with the Shiv Sena’s demands. Earlier Shiv Sena and BJP Parties both failed to reconcile their differences over power sharing in State and that led to break in coalition. 

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Percentage of Formation of Govt in Maharashtra State 

The Alliance of 105 member BJP Party and 56 MLAs Shiv Sena have collapsed over differences in last few days and chances are only 30% to re-join. Coalition of Shiv Sena 56 MLAs, 54-member NCP and the 44 MLA Congress all party’s mashup has 70% chances to form Govt in Maharashtra state. 

BJP+Shiv Sena= 30% 

Shiv Sena+ NCP+Congress= 60% 

BJP+NCP= 10% 

Who Will be Next CM in Maharashtra 

Both Bhartiya Janta Party and Shiv Sena have been failed to reconcile their differences over power-sharing in State. BJP on one hand continuously pitched for 50-50 formula in Government formation & other hand Shiv Sena is stern on crowning Aditya Thhakre as next chief minister of Maharashtra State. Both parties have been in continuous attacking mode for last few weeks. Since the result of the 288 assembly seats of Maharashtra Assembly election declared on October 24, 2019, the uncertainty of formation of Government is still hanging. 

Chances of Aditya Thhakre as Next CM- 

Shiv Sena and Sharad Pawar led NCP government along with a few Independent MLAs and outside support of Congress party are likely to cross the majority mark of 145. Shiv Sena claims party has 56 MLAs and support of 7 Independents MLAs with it. Whereas 54 member NCP Party and 44 MLAs from Congress likely to cross the benchmark of 145 during floor test. 

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