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Ayodhya Verdict- History and Tradition in Consensus

Ramjanambhoomi dispute was never a dispute over 2.77 acre land, it was fight against the hegemony of Islamic rule that evolved into a fight for Hindu identity with politics shaping it and it shaping the course of India's socio-political wave. Ram Mandir became a symbol for both Hindus and Muslims, a reclamation of legacy for former and a determinant of minority voice for later and rooted from faith and projection of faith respectively. For Hindus who have inhabited Ayodhya for thousands of years have the very foundations of religion and Lord Ram being the deity that every Hindu revers it represents the tradition and culture that is legacy of a land which the oppressor or colonizer tries to erase to erect its empire.

Ayodhya Verdict- History and Tradition

Now an integral part of India and intricately spun in fabric of India, Muslims conquered a civilization that thrived on religion and beliefs. Later British empire which has colonized many parts of the world with same approach- erase history of the natives and strip them of their identity itself to make efficient and subservient slaves.

As Ngugi revived the culture and history of Kenya by reviving the literature with oral traditions and challenging the Neo-colonistic society that viewed its own culture as conflicting, India too reclaimed it's majority religion's right to reclaim their legacy that was systematically put to ruins. The supreme court of India has rightly observed and upheld the old literature and oral traditions as a testimony in itself. Some fraction are sighting this as a bent of judiciary towards faith over rule of law.

What is the rule of law?

Secularism as promised by our Constitution an impartial state but it does not and cannot deny a religion which shapes the identity of majority of citizens, its asserting it's faith. Babri masjid was wrongly projected as a symbolism of Indian secularism by political parties playing appeasement card with minorities. The right wing too captured the political vacuum created by desertification of majority sentiments. The whole politicization of the matter fueled the demolition of Babri Masjid which remains a blot on India's secularist claims.

Ayodhya Verdict for Peace & Prosperity

After 27 years of tedious and politically rewarding ventures the judgement should be welcomed by all and should put end to the bitterness that had poisoned a reasonable cause for long. Muslims should see it as an objective reality free from Hindutva agenda and no political party should stoop low to gain political mileage out of it. Let the wisdom of our traditions and harmony of our society be reinstated.

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