By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 02, 2020 11:56 IST
Punjab Police ASI dragged on Car bonnet, tried to stop vehicle amid Lockdown

In Punjab a car driver drags a police officer on car's bonnet in Jalandhar, after the officer tried to stop the vehicle today, amid COVID19 lockdown. A car approaching Milkbar Chowk was asked to stop by the police, but the driver didn't stop the car. ASI Mulkraj, who was on duty there climbed the car's bonnet when it didn't stop. The Car driver dragged the ASI to some distance. Probe on, said Surjeet Singh, Investigating officer, Jalandhar.

The entire incident of dragging of Punjab Police ASI is recorded in Camera and video footage also available in Punjab Police's possession.

Punjab Police ASI dragged on Car Bonnet

On Saturday, Punjab Police ASI on duty tried to stop a car approaching near Milkbar Chowk, but the driver dragged the ASI to nearby 50 metre on Car's bonnet. The case is of Jalandhar district in Punjab. The injured Assistant Sub Inspector is Mulkraj who tried to stop the car. Further the case has been registered against the Driver of the black colour Punjab numbered Car.

This is the second incident in Punjab amid lockdown when Police Personnel is being targetted. Before this a hand was cut off with sword of ASI Harheet Singh by Nihangs miscreants.

Watch Video of Punjab Police Personnel dragged on Car bonnet on Saturday.

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