Radhe Shyam box office collection Day 4: Prabhas Starrer Enters ₹100 Crore Club

The mystery behind the role of Vikramaditya and his behavior will only be revealed to you once you reach the cinemas. Read further to know more about the profit earned on Day 4. Radhe Shyam box office collection Day 4 numbers are given.

By Shireen Zia, Updated : Mar 14, 2022 16:35 IST
Radhe Shyam box office collection Day 4: Prabhas Starrer Enters ₹100 Crore Club
Radhe Shyam

Prabhas (Vikramaditya) has encountered many of the seekers of destiny. He claims that he knows everything about them but won't tell anyone. Extremely skillful actor Prabahas' movie is going to hit more than ₹100 Cr before the completion of one week. Fans are getting more excited to know what the movie really means to convey.

The movie has earned massive earnings in three days. It is expected that it will gather more of the economical gains even on Monday despite its a weekday. The audience from the Hindi belt is also inspired by the theme of the story. Movie location (Europe) & posters are attractive as well and are being admired by viewers from all around the country. Radhe Shyam day 4 box office collection report is given below. 

Radhe Shyam Day 4 Box Office Collection (Net)

Day 1 (Fri) March 11 ₹45.20 Cr 
Day 2 (Sat) March 12 ₹24.40 Cr
Day 3 (Sun) March 13 ₹22.2 Cr
Day 4 (Mon) March 14 ₹10.10 Cr
Total   101.90 Cr

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The Telugu script is having the attention of Bollywood and Hollywood lovers too. Besides the release of some other Indian movies like Gangubai & Kashmir files, this piece of art by Bhushan Kumar is gathering a lot of praise from everywhere.

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