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George Reddy Movie Review This Could be Box Office Collection Prediction

George Reddy Movie Review

George Reddy Movie Rating: 3.25/5

George Reddy Movie Trailer begins with a black and white pre-recorded sequence of the protagonist talking of class discrimination. Enacting the scene originally taken from Crisis on the Campus, a documentary on the struggles inside Indian campuses, the speech that follows is, in a nutshell, what George Reddy fought for in his entire life: to take on the rich and to meet violence with violence.

After 47 long years, a movie on the life of the revolutionary student leader will finally hit the screens on November 22. Directed by Jeevan Reddy, the movie has actor Sandeep Madhav playing the role of George Reddy.

Though the movie describes George Reddy as the “forgotten leader” of Indian student politics, for George’s contemporaries, he still remains alive as the adventurer who did not fear death. In memory of George, 40 of his close friends published a book titled Jeena hain toh marna seekho in 2011, in which each of them recounts their personal memories of their dear leader.

Producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj, whose brother was a classmate of George Reddy, recounts how students were always in awe of George - an eloquent orator, a trained boxer, and a gold medallist in physics. In fact, the producer knew him quite well.

“Our society has become rotten and this rottenness has spread into every facet of our lives including our universities…We have raised our voices in protest. Our protest has remained unheard. We marched in procession. Our procession has been broken up by police. We have erupted in spontaneous violence and our violence has been met with greater violence. Today what is left to us is to organise ourselves and to meet violence with violence," he says in the film.

George Reddy Box Office Collection Prediction

The film was not made with the intention of demeaning anyone, but he was impressed with his ethical, honesty and leadership qualities, and after two years of studying Georgiereddy's life, made it into a film. Sudhakar Reddy said that as a student leader for 25 years, he has been an inspiration to the youth of today. Jeevan Reddy said that if anyone has any objections to the film, they will watch the film together and answer them. Only the life story of George Reddy is shown in the film. The society has lost a lot of people like GeorgeReddy and made a film about how it was lost Movie May Earn Rs 10.00 Crore on It;s Opening Day and This Become Blockbuster movie of the year

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