Gaalodu Box Office Collection Day 1: Likely To Reach Proft Zone Easily!

The film has generated some pre-release buzz and is expected to compete with current releases in the domestic market. Gaalodu box office collection day 1 report is here for more information.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Nov 19, 2022 14:01 IST
Gaalodu Box Office Collection Day 1: Likely To Reach Proft Zone Easily!
Gaalodu box office

The Telugu action drama "Gaalodu," starring Sudigali Sudheer, is currently playing in theaters. It was written by Rajasekar Reddy Pulicharla and produced by Samskruthi Films.

The central board certified it with a "UA" certificate after approving a runtime of 2 hours and 5 minutes or 125 minutes. Over 25K people have expressed interest in seeing the movie on the ticket-ordering website BookMyShow, which is encouraging given that it is a small movie with no face value. 

Gaalodu box office collection day 1 total screen count. budget. opening day numbers & more details are given here.

Gaalodu Total Screen Count

Samantha's Yashoda and Gaalodu competed against one another in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana home markets. The latter movie is currently enjoying great reviews and is on track to reach break even.

In the midst of this, Sudheer's movie has been playing on quite a few screens in AP-TG. It has been seen in over 375 theatres across the two Telugu states, with over 185 of those being in Andhra, over 130 in Nizam, and about 60 in the Ceeded region.

Gaalodu Pre-Release Revenue

According to AP-TG, the theatrical rights to Gaalodu were sold for ₹2.75 crores. To be considered a hit movie, it will need to gross around 3 crores at the box office in order to recover the distributor's shares, which puts the break-even target at ₹3 crores. Given the positive pre-release buzz and the sizable number of screens it has taken up in the home market, the target appears to be straightforward.

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Gaalodu Box Office Collection Day 1

Early trade estimates state that it will require a start-up investment of ₹1 crore gross in AP-TG with 48L shares. In the cities of Vizag and Hyderabad, the movie did well. It now needs ₹2.5 crores more to emerge a clean hit.

Word of mouth will also play a role in the movie's business. To achieve the break-even point, it must exhibit an upward trend during the weekend. According to early trends, the trailer has drawn attention, Telugu audiences are interested in the movie, and the BE objective is simple. Therefore, it appears that it won't be difficult for the film to break even; the rest depends on the word-of-mouth of the audience. 

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