By Raghvendra Shikhrani, Updated : Jun 05, 2020 11:59 IST
#SafaWithTwitter: Vishvendra Singh gets support from Pilot, Khachariyawas, Diya Kumari & many more

Rajasthan's Cabinet Minister (Tourism & Devsthan) initiated a campaign on Twitter #SafaWithTwitter & it received huge support from public & leaders alike. 

The campaign was launched yesterday on Twitter where Vishvendra Singh himself shared a picture of him wearing Safa. The idea behind this campaign is to promote Rajasthan and it's culture. 

However, the main idea was actually initiated by journalist Avinash Kalla who liked the idea of #SaffaTwitter. Minister Vishvendra Singh found the idea very innovative and in his response, he started a new trend titled #SafaWithTwitter. 

In his first post, Singh nominated his fellow politicians and leaders like Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, MLA Ruparam Murawtiya, Ramniwas Gawariya, and IFS Parveen Kaswan.

The campaign received tremendous response and was trending all day in Rajasthan, yesterday. Deputy CM Pilot shared a video in response to Singh in which he is wearing Safa in an event. 

Princess of Jaipur and BJP MP Diya Kumari also joined the initiative. She wrote "In support of the call to promote our rich Rajasthani culture prompting Rajasthan Tourism by Hon'ble Minister Vishvendra Singh ji, I join with #RajasthaniSafa." 

Tourism Minister Singh was overwhelmed with the support of Pilot and Diya Kumari. In response to the Jaipur princess, he expressed his gratitude by retweeting her post with a thankyou note "Your endorsement of this campaign means the world to the Rajasthan Tourism Department and to me, personally. Jaipur’s first family has been a brand ambassador for Rajasthan globally for decades and you have taken matters to another level all together Diya Kumari Ji."

Senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor also joined the initiative by sharing two pictures wearing Rajasthani Safa in one and Punjabi Pagdi in another one. Apart from these, young MLAs like Mukesh Bhakar and Ramnivas Gawariya also participated in this, and Rajasthani singer Rajnigandha Shekhawat also took part and urged to start the initiative on Instagram as well. Cabinet Ministers of Rajasthan like Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, Mamta Bhupesh, Ashok Chandna, Udai Lal Anjana among others also participated in this initiative by sharing their images with Safa. 

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