By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Nov 12, 2019 15:40 IST
President’s Rule in Maharashtra- All coalitions Likely to fail in State

Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari is likely to recommend President Rule in Maharashtra state as all coaitions failed on Tuesday. On November 9, the term of the last assembly was over. Earlier, the Governor has fixed the deadline and provided the time to BJP and Shiv Sena to gear up the support till 8.30 pm on Tuesday (November 12). But as per reports the governor will likely to pitch for President Rule in Maharashtra state as no party or coalition is in favor of forming a stable government till Tuesday. Earlier Shiv Sena party had more chances to come up with majority numbers allying NCP & Congress, but as the time moved, Party also seems it would fail to bring 145 at table till 8:00 pm. Governor on othe hand would recommend President's rule if no party brings majority. 

However, it has not been officially confirmed yet, but sources from ZN have predicted President’s rule in State. Other hand BJP leaders’ high level meeting chaired by PM Modi at his residence also came in light keeping the view on political crisis of Maharashtra state. 

Governor may Approach for President's rule in Maharashtra  

Earlier today Shiv Sena party lost an opportunity to form government in Maharashtra state with NCP & Congress. Uddhav Thakre led Shiv Sena party with the NCP’s coalition and outside support of Congress party had chance to surpass the majority number as- BJP party and Shiv Sena failed to reconcile.

Shiv Sena and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) are all set to come together to form government in Maharashtra state and are also confident to pass the floor test with the outside support of Congress Party.

What is Majority Number in Maharashtra?

As the time is clocking towards 8 PM on Tuesday the speculations are coming that President’s rule may likely to come. Based on sources’ confirmation the 19-day long political uncertainty in Maharashtra likely to end on Tuesday. Both Shiv Sena and BJP parties were given opportunity to come up with 145 MLAs but now the opportunity likely to diminish.

How BJP+ Shiv Sena Coalition Broke- Shiv Sena and BJP Parties both failed to reconcile their differences over power sharing in State and that led to break in coalition. 

President's Rule in Maharashtra State or CM?

The Alliance of 105 member BJP Party and 56 MLAs Shiv Sena have collapsed over differences in last few days and chances are only 10% to re-join. Coalition of Shiv Sena 56 MLAs, 54-member NCP and the 44 MLA Congress all party’s mashup has 40% chances to form Govt in Maharashtra state. But now more than 50% chances have turned towards President's Rule in Maharashtra

Raj Bhavan: Governor of Maharashtra Bhagat Singh Koshyari having been satisfied that as Govt of Maharashtra cannot be carried on in accordance with the Constitution, has today submitted a report as contemplated by the provisions of Article 356 of Constitution (President's Rule).

— ANI (@ANI) November 12, 2019

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