By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 11, 2020 10:35 IST
Indian Army conducts precise strike on Terror launch pads, released drone Video

Indian Army has conducted precise strike on Pakistani terror launch pads replying unprovoked ceasefire violation from Pakistan. Sources from Indian Army shot a drone video of Indian Army’s precision strike on Pakistani launch pads. In addition to the strike, Defence Spokesperson from Srinagar confirmed that 'India carried out precision targeting of gun areas, terrorist launch pads and ammunition in response to unprovoked ceasefire violation by Pakistan'. Army recorded the drone video of precision strike on Launch pads.

In Keran sector of Kupwara district Pakistan violated the unprovoked ceasefire and in reply Indian Army carried out the precision strike, said Defence spokesperson.

India Army precise strike on terror launch peds

Giving befitting reply to unprovoked ceasefire violation from Pakistan, Indian Army on Friday carried out precision strike and released Drone video of strike. Heavy casualties are being reported from Army sources as Indian Army specifically targeted gun points, ammunition and launch pads across Border.

Latest Updates- It is been reported that on Saturday, Pakistan Army again started shelling of heavy arms and Indian Army responding aggressively. Whereas earlier in the Day Indian Army and J&K Police arrested a terrorist affiliate.

Indian Army precise strike on terror launch pads

Earlier Pakistan Army violated the ceasefire in Morning, Wednesday and also carried out same on Friday, in reply Indian Army launched precise strike on Launch pads across Border.

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In tweeted Video of destroying launch pads it clearly seen, huge casualties have been occurred opposite side. The launch pads are completely destroyed by Indian Army. Big casualty has been occurred across Border, Indian Army said in his briefing. Pakistan was violating unprovoked ceasefire for last few days and trying to ambush the infiltrators inside Indian territory via Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory. On Friday Indian Army conducted a precise strike on gun points, ammunition and launch pads. Later in the row, Indian Army released drone footage of how Pakistani Terror launch pads and gun points destroyed.

Earlier to this Pakistan has tried several attempts to infiltrate Terrorist inside India, and recently Para Forces neutralized the Pakistani attempt in hand to hand combat and killed five terrorists who infiltrated, reported ANI.

Watch Indian Army Video- Watch Here

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