Why COVID-19 Deaths Are Increasing In India Despite A Decrease In Daily Cases?

India has seen a drastic decrease in COVID-19 cases over the past few weeks, however, deaths have increased in the meantime. Why COVID-19 Deaths Are Increasing In India Despite A Decrease In Daily Cases? Here's what we know so far.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jan 31, 2022 13:07 IST
Why COVID-19 Deaths Are Increasing In India Despite A Decrease In Daily Cases?
Image Source- India Today

India COVID-19 Report Jan 31: Weekly Covid-19 cases in the country fell for the first time in the third wave of the pandemic, while deaths from the virus increased by 41 percent compared to the previous week's toll. During the week ending Sunday (January 24-30), India recorded just over 17.5 lakh new cases, a 19 percent decrease from the previous week, strengthening the view that the third wave has peaked at the national level, though some states may continue to report a surge in cases.

There was, however, a 10 percent drop in testing during the current week as compared to the previous seven days. Despite this, India's test positivity rate fell to 15.68 percent this week, down from 17.28 percent the previous week.

The country reported nearly 21.7 lakh new cases last week (January 17-23), the highest number in the current surge. If nationwide cases continue to fall in the coming days, the third wave will be the shortest yet, peaking in just four weeks. Cases began to rise in the final week of December. 

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Why COVID-19 Deaths Are Increasing In India Despite A Decrease In Daily Cases?

Covid deaths continue to rise, despite the fact that the overall total remains the lowest of the three waves. More than 3,770 new COVID-related deaths were reported in India this week, up from 2,680 in the previous seven days.These figures do not include deaths from previous periods that have been added to the official count.

If these deaths are included, India's death toll has risen by 5,203 in the last week. For the third day in a row, the daily death toll remained above 550, with 564 people killed on Sunday. Until late Sunday night, data from two states was awaited. More than 2.1 lakh were reported during the day, a decrease from the 2.34 lakh reported on Saturday.

On the question of Increasing COVID-19 deaths, here's what the Director of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Dr Saurabh Varshney said, "While it may appear that the latest Omicron strain is growing more hazardous as death rates rise, this is not the case. There is also a distinction between deaths caused by the second and third waves of the Coronavirus."

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He further added, "There is an infection rate and a recovery rate for Coronavirus cases. The recovery rate looks to be substantially greater than the infection rate in India's third wave of Covid-19. Approximately 94-95 percent of coronavirus-infected people are recuperating without becoming critically ill or needing to be hospitalised. What is troubling, though, is that 60-70 percent of Omicron patients are asymptomatic. These people are utterly oblivious that they are afflicted with the virus and are infecting others."

According to Dr. Saurabh, even if many Omicron-infected people are asymptomatic, they are nonetheless counted in Covid-19-related deaths, even if they die from other significant conditions. This is the key reason for the current increase of Covid-19 mortality in India. 

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