12 May 2020, 07:49 pm By Rohit Sindhu
US CDC extends $3.6m to India, for preparedness to fight Covid19

US Centers of Disease control and prevention has decided to provide $3.6 million to the Government of India to support its actions in providing relief to the victims of the disease and to fight against the pandemic. The total number of reported coronavirus cases in the country have reached 70, 764 out of which 3604  cases were reported in the past 24 hours. These resources will support prevention, preparedness, and response activities in India. This initial tranche of funding will seek to further strengthen and support the Government of India's efforts to increase laboratory capacity for SARS-COV-2 testing, including molecular diagnostics and serology, US Embassy in India said in a release.

US CDC extends $3.6m to India

US Embassy said the funds will also be used to support the development of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) centers of excellence that can improve the ability of hospital networks to detect COVID-19 and strengthen local health systems through enhanced surveillance and monitoring systems. US CDC will work with local partners to assist in the development of a strong public health workforce to support India's capacity to respond not only to this pandemic but to future threats as welI. In addition to that, the CDC India program will provide technical assistance for the Government of India's ongoing crisis emergency and risk communication efforts, the statement said.

Since early January, the CDC's India Office has been collaborating with sub-national and national government institutes to support the COVID-19 response in India. Collaboration efforts are focused on lab strengthening, infection prevention and control, health workforce development, emergency management, risk communication, and community engagement, the US Embassy said.

The cases of coronavirus have surpassed 1 million and the death toll has  increased to 80,000 in US. India and US relations have been strengthening with both the countries lending support to each other in these difficult times. US has provided 200 ventilators to the country while the Indian government decided to lift the ban on medications including hydroxychloroquine when Donald Trump wanted India to supply the same for the treatment of patients suffering from Covid-19.

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