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Trump Insulted Imran Khan & Pakistani Media on Kashmir Issue

After getting embarrassment in US on arrival Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan again faced insult from US President Donald Trump in Media briefing on the issue of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir. On Monday Imran Khan met the US President and after delegation level negotiations both briefed to Media on the several issues but meantime in media briefing a Pakistani Journalist raise the awkward question ahead of President. In replying to the same question US President asked Imran Khan, from where you bring this type of Reporters, are you in the Imran Khan Team & this resulted Imran Khan quite embarrassed in front of International Media.

Ahead of the United Nations General Assembly seventy fourth session, Imran Khan arrived in United States on Private jet sent from Saudi Arabian Prince and got cold welcome in USA, when no-body from US Administration went to receive him. After Howdy Modi event in Houston where Trump and Modi chaired the same stage in front of 55,000 plus Indian Americans on September, 24 President Trump faced the PM of Pakistan.

US President Donald Trump & Prime Minister of Pakistan took on the selected issues among them Khan highlighted the Core issue of Jammu & Kashmir and seek pleading for Intervention & Arbitration.

From Where You Bring these Reporters:

US President Donald Trump when questioned by a Pakistani reporter on Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir, answered from where do you bring these reporters and this made the Khan insulted & embarrassed and Khan bowed his neck on this. Are you from Imran Khan team Trump & you are giving a lecture rather than a question, this insult resulted the Pakistani media to stop the broadcasting of Media briefing in the country.

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Trump on Jammu & Kashmir-

US President again asserted in conversation with Imran Khan on Arbitration on the issue of Jammu & Kashmir, but with a condition- if India and Pakistan both want him to do. Prime Minister Modi on several occasions in meeting with Trump has also stressed occasionally that J&K is internal matter of India and Both India and Pakistan deserve and no outsider intervention is needed.

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