PM Modi's tweet about Coronavirus, said: no need to  be panic

Corona virus, which is spreading rapidly from China to the whole world, has knocked in India. On Tuesday, many kinds of news came from Delhi, Noida and Agra regarding the corona virus. Now the central government has become fully active on this issue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a big meeting on this issue .. After the meeting, on Tuesday, the Prime Minister tweeted and said that no one has to fear. Corona virus infection is spreading in many countries including China. An alert has also been issued in India about this virus. In Uttar Pradesh too, adequate arrangements have been made for rescue and treatment from hospitals to airports. At the same time, homeopathic Dr. Anurudh Verma says that there is no need to fear this virus. Prevention can only be prevented.

No Need to be panic said PM Narendra Modi

Dr. Anurudh said that he kept drinking sufficient amount of water. Eat fruits that contain vitamin-C. Also use foods that increase the body's resistance. Do not eat meat-fish and sea food, avoid eating outside. Cook and eat fresh food. Wash hands before eating anything. While talking, put a mask on the mouth or cover the mouth while coughing, sneezing. Avoid going to public places. Avoid shaking hands. Do not touch the hand directly to the eye, nose and mouth. Its infections mainly infect the respiratory, digestive and reproductive systems. In the course of its infection, human beings get exactly the same symptoms as those found in cold patients. These symptoms include running nose water, sore throat, cough, headache, fever etc.

modi ji tweet on corona virus

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Modi’s Tweet on coronavirus

Modi’s tweet came a day after three people, including an Italian national, tested positive for the deadly and spreading coronavirus in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said there was no need to panic and urged people to work together, a day after two Indians tested positive for the deadly coronavirus in the country. The Prime Minister also said he had held an 'extensive review' with several ministries and state governments about the level of preparedness to tackle coronavirus.