04 Apr 2020, 09:17 pm By Rohit Sindhu
PM Modi held extensive telephone conversation with US President Trump, together in Covid19 fight

PM Modi - US President Trump Conversation- Prime Minister Narendra Modi just held extensive telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump as source reported. A quite good discussion and both agreed to deploy full strength to fight Coronavirus, Conversation hinted. As United States is facing quite tough time due to casualties and spread of COVID19 virus, President Donald Trump and PM Modi put their views for intensive fight against Coronavirus.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Trump both agreed to deploy full strength to Indo-US partnership to fight COVID19. In USA more than 2.5 Lakh Coronavirus positive cases have been found whereas in India cases are surging rapidly as number is quite low to US.

PM Modi held extensive conversation with US President Donald Trump

Both the leaders held conversation on impact of COVID19 in respective countries and how each other’s help can be made. US recently announced more than 2 millions USD aid to India to fight Coronavirus. PM Modi and President Trump also discussed how can this partnership would be flourished during this health crises. PM Modi named this conversation with President Trump 'an extensive' telephone conversation.

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PM Modi conversation with Trump

PM added that the conversation was good and strategies are being made to fight Coronavirus. Both the leaders also made discussion on Economic impact and trade, also could have discussed respective countries efforts being made to tackle the situation and mutually agreed to fight Coronavirus at full strength. Coronavirus has caused billions of dollars loss in each other’s market and economy is sharply tumbling down as World Bank recently prediction major fall in European and American markets.

India on one hand has declared nationwide lockdown and on other US has declared intensive lockdown in few parts of country. USA has found more than 2.5 lakh Covid19 positive cases whereas India just reported 3000 cases with 80 casualties whereas in US more than 7000 people have lost their lives.

Earlier in February US President Donald Trump came to India and took part in mega show named 'Namaste Trump' held in Motera Stadium Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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PM held conversation with Brazilian President

Just after holding extensive telephone conversation with US President, Prime Minister also called Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro about how India and Brazil can join forces to fight Coronavirus pandemic.