INDIA Cases - 236,184, Deaths - 6,649

Global Cases - 6,808,936, Deaths - 396,946

PM Modi's Address to the Nation (Full Text), April 14 Tuesday Highlights - See Latest
PM Modi's Address to the Nation (Full Text), April 14 Tuesday Highlights

Prime Minister Modi in his address to the nation on lockdown has announced several announcements. In his speech PM extended the locksown till 3rd May and increased strictness measures till 20 April. Here is full text of PM Modi's Address to the nation delivered on April 14, 2020 (10AM). From lockdown extension to Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojna, PM laid down several announcements and measures being taken by Central Government.

PM Modi's Address Full Text

The fight against corona has been successful till now. A lot of sacrifices have been made by people. Everybody has come together which has consolidated our battle against this disease, PM Modi said. The way people are following the guidelines is so overwhelming. In comparison to other countries, India has remained successful in battling against this virus. 'We the people of India', is the same we are doing, PM said.

When there was not a single case of corona in India, country had started screening people on airports. All the malls,  theatres were shut. When we had 550 cases , India had declared 21 day lockdown. The moment we witnessed a danger, we had started taking actions. We didnot wait for the problem to go through the roof, PM Modi said.

If we see cases of corona in other developed nations, we can witness that india is at a very good position. If India had not implemented holistic and integrated approach then the situation would have been different. The way we had chosen to battle against this has proved to be successful. We are doing better than other countries, we took measures including screening at airports, and sent foreigners in quarantine facilities, PM said.

We didn't wait for the situations but we acted. We shouldn't compare situation to other countries but this is truth we are in comfort situation than other countries where thousands dying.

Should Read-Highlights of PM Modi address on Lockdown Extension

After various discussions with state governments and considering the suggestions of people out there, government has decided to extend this lockdown till May 3rd.

Relaxation with Conditions, PM Modi in address

A new set of guidelines will be released tomorrow. The main focus will be on farmers and people who earn on daily basis and somehow manage to meet their basic needs. At all those regions, places where new hotspots do not come out, would be given relief in some selective sectors with conditions, PM said. If that region again falls in Coronavirus row, relaxations would be denied further.

Country is working in all aspects,  the barriers in supply chain are being removed and India has arranged for 1,00,000 beds and 600+ hospitals are there which are working to combat this disease. More than 200 labs are working across country in present.

No releif till April 20, for next seven days states and regions to be strictly assessed, PM said.

Seven Points and requests Prime Minister Modi made in front of citizens. During Lockdown PM Modi asked citizens to support him by adopting these seven measures-

1) Take care of the Older People-

2) follow Lockdown and Social Distancing-

3) Increase immunity-COVID-19 outbreak

4)  download the Aarogya Sethu Mobile App-

5)Help poor people-

6) Don't fire anyone from the job

7) Respect Corona Warrier