INDIA Cases - 216,824, Deaths - 6,088

Global Cases - 6,567,260, Deaths - 387,911

No Power Grid failure during 9 Minutes Lights off, confirmed Government - See Latest
No Power Grid failure during 9 Minutes Lights off, confirmed Government

According to the media reports said that switching off the light together may damage the function of the power supply. Some leaders who are against Narendra Modi are agreeing to say that this will damage heavily of the Indian assets.

PM Modi had said that only Light has to be switched off and not other electric articles like Television, AC, Cooler, Motor, and other machines. There should not be switched off the light of the street, essential office, hospitals, and another wardroom. This will not affect the and not be damaged because each and every person closes the light at night, therefore, the switching of the light is a kind of the announcement against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) said, Narendra Modi.

No Power grid failure on 9 minutes lights off

The ministry of Union Power said that about grid failure due to switching of the light may have happened if all the people together switch off all the light and equipment in India. But the problem will not happen because people will switch off only light and they will not switch off other electrical appliances.

The Ministry of the power has also said that the National Load Despatch Centre will work out the procedure for grid balancing during the switching Light Campaign.

power grid

The Power ministry has issued a statement where they mentioned that the grid balancing procedures will be communicated to the regional and state load despatch center separately.

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No Power grid failure

Power Ministry also said that the time of 9 Minutes is not will damage the heavily in India, they and with there team will manage all the things immediately.

The Prime Minister of India said not to out at 9 pm on Sunday. They don't need to go out and make a crowd, each family can stand there, roof, baldaquin, house garden where they are feeling relief. They have to burn their mobile flashlight, candles, Lamp, etc. This will show the courage and your power to fight with the Coronavirus.