INDIA Cases - 198,370, Deaths - 5,608

Global Cases - 6,347,283, Deaths - 376,497

Lockdown Restrictions may extend beyond to 14 April, as Cases & Hotpots increasing, Govt Sources - See Latest
Lockdown Restrictions may extend beyond to 14 April, as Cases & Hotpots increasing, Govt Sources

New Delhi: The strict restrictions imposed on the people to stay at home and not to go out, keep distance between people, social distancing. It was taken emergency for 21 days to save the Indians from the Novel Coronavirus. The last date of the Lockdown is 14 April, but the matter is very serious. The day of the Lockdown may be increased but not confirmed until now.

While Rajeev Gauba (Cabinet Secretary) had a week ago denied that there were any plans to extend the Lockdown, several states have written to the Centre saying that the restrictions must continue. Confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus in India have risen very fastly in the last week, crossing the 4,000 cases on Monday morning, while 109 people have died so far.

lockdown Restrictions may extend beyond 14 April

According to the data of the health ministry. The trajectory has been steep as cases have nearly doubled in the last four days, and if the same trajectory continues for a few weeks, India's hospitals could get overwhelmed. Another proposal that the government is considering is to lock down only the COVID-19 hotspots, and not spread the nationwide lockdown. The health ministry has identified at least 20 virus hotspots across the country and another 22 potential hotspots in India.

may extend to 14 April, as Cases & Hotpots increasing, Govt Sources

According to an official report, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be apprised of the situation at the Cabinet’s meet on Monday and the final decision on extending the lockdown. Also, the report said that PM Modi said it is important to have common strategies to face the problem of the recession or stagnation of the economy and also asked the states to brainstorm and send suggestions.

Ankur Bhatia (Executive Director Bird Group) said that those states who have very few or no cases of the Coronavirus that can remove the restriction of the Lockdown after 14 April 2020 allow business activities. In Uttarakhand which has reported only 6 cases till now, that can remove the restriction and start the Business activities. Such states which have very few cases of the coronavirus those can keep their borders closed. And those states who have serious conditions may be lockdown after 14 April.

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Lockdown in India may extend  as Cases & Hotpots increasing, Govt Sources 

The Prime Minister had called for a staggered lifting of the lockdown, suggesting that the restrictions will not be removed soon, said Narendra Modi in a video conference with CMs of several states last week, The state government in Maharashtra, which has been the worst hit by the virus, had on Sunday already said that if cases of Coronavirus continue to increase, then there may be no option but to extend the date of the lockdown.

Vinod Sharma who is the chairman of CII National Committee of Information Communication Technology & Electronics (ICTE) and Managing Director, has already been allowed by expanding the list of essential services during the Lockdown.