By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 30, 2020 11:01 IST
Lockdown 5 Top Five Expected Changes: Railways, LPG Cylinders, One-Nation-One-Card, Roadways from June 1

As the fourth phase of nationwide lockdown is ending on May 31, these top 5 changes are being expected to take place from June 1. In Lockdown 5.0 several new changes are likely including running of 200 passenger trains, implementation of One Nation One Card, changes in prices of LPG cylinder, Petrol & Diesel and resuming of state public transports. In Lockdown 5 the top five changes which are being expected by people from the state & Central Government are laid down here. According to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) new guidelines for Lockdown 5 are yet to come, though Ministry has interacted with state heads over future course of action.

People are expected new relief from Central Government from June 1 as lockdown 4 is ending. Based on study several changes will take place in next phase of lockdown, if implemented, a familiar source said.

Lockdown 5 Top Five Changes

It is being expected that the changes are planned in different sectors including Railways, Airlines, Ration Cards, LPG Cylinders, State transports, Metro rails, Petrol-Diesel Prices. Several changes are expected to be seen in everyday lives from 1st June. Changes are going to happen in many things from Railways to Air Services, from bus services to special trains, from One Nation One Card to changes in Petrol-Diesel prices.

Railway Services from June 1

First of all, let's talk about Indian Railways. From June 1, Indian Railways is going to start 200 passenger trains. In order to evacuate people stranded in different states, Indian Railways to start Mail, Express & passenger trains. According to structure prepared in Ministry of Railways nearly 200 new passenger trains are scheduled to start from June 1, inclusion of Express trains, on which Trains’ time table has been released. Railways have given information about how many trains and which trains will run from which station. Passengers can view the schedule / train routes & ticket updates from ICRTC website.

lockdown 5 top five changes

One Nation-One Card from June 1

Central Government's special scheme ‘One-Nation, One-Card’ will start from June 1. The newly announced Modi government's special scheme will provide equal opportunity in all states for Ration Card holders. An issued Ration Card will be applicable all across India. One Nation One Ration Card Government Scheme will be launched from June 1. The scheme will be applicable in 20 states across the country. After the implementation of this government scheme, a ration card will be implemented across the country. People can take government grain and ration in any state with their ration card. This government scheme will benefit a large number of poor sections and migrants, who go to work in other states.

lockdown 5 five changes

Petrol –Diesel Prices from June 1

Based on reports from June 1, the prices of Petrol and Diesel are likely to increase in several states & Union Territories. In fact, the demand for petrol and diesel has come down due to the lockdown, after which many states have decided to increase VAT on the price of petrol and diesel. Increased VAT will increase oil prices. The Mizoram government decided to increase VAT in the state by 2.5 percent on petrol and 5 percent on diesel from June 1.

Airlines Services from June 1

According to Airports Authority of India (AAI) the air service of different airlines will start from June 1. Go Air, an airline that offers budget flight service, is going to resume its services from June 1. Based on the government guidelines, Go Air will resume its flight service from June 1. However from May 25, several flight services across the country were approved & are running. Air Services in Go-Air is scheduled to start from beginning of 1st June.

lockdown 5 five changes

Change in Cylinder Prices from June 1-

Cylinder prices are also expected to change from June 1. The price of LPG Cylinders which were reduced in April-May are likely to change from June 1. The LPC gas cylinder price changes on the 1st of every month. Under this, the prices of LPG cylinders will change once again on June 1, 2020. Last month, the prices of gas cylinders fell due to global impact on liquefied compressed gas.

State Roadways Buses from 1st June-

The Uttar Pradesh State Roadways buses will start running from June 1, according to Govt. UPSRTC Roadways has formulated structure to resume Public Transport services of U.P Roadways from 1st June. During this time, the number of passengers in buses running will be limited. Bus drivers are also directed to follow the prescribed guidelines.

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