By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 03, 2020 19:30 IST
International Business Consultants suggest Eight points to PM Modi to keep Economy Harmless

All the countries are praising Mr. Narendra Modi to Lockdown India for 21 days. India is the second-largest country as compare to the population. In this critical situation, India saved itself and those developed countries who have so many facilities have failed to save the life of the population of their countries.  Those developed countries like America, Europe, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, etc, had fallen down in front of India due to see the management of the PM Modi. He controlled each and everything in a better way and fastly. He said that India has proved itself that it is the greatest country in the world. 

India shows itself better than the developed countries in the Lockdown against (COVID-19) :

  •  Most of the people started work from home in India due to Lockdown against Novel Coronavirus.
  •  People have started healthy food because the Junk food shop was closed.
  • Those hospitals that used to take years to build, they build in 10 days for saving the life of infected people with Novel Coronavirus. 
  • Most of the businessmen, Super Star, Player, and rich people, they donate in this critical situation for PM-CARES. 
  • Indian People follow the Lockdown till 21 days and they follow the PM Modi's rule.
  • All the things should be managed immediately they follow those better than ever.

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PM Modi has announced Lockdown in India:

The Pm Modi has given the order to the Police to follow the rule of the Lockdown strictly if anybody doesn't follow it, will get the jail for 2 years as the violation of the Lockdown. some of the people have permission to go out in Lockdown who are connected with the Media, Police, Docter, etc. The government also said that to close all the stops except some shops that sell essentials goods like Milk dairy, ration shop, Vegetable shop, Fruit shop, Medical shop, etc. Lockdown is implemented for 25 days in India at 12:00 am from 25 March to 14 April. It is also compulsory for you to know that all other county has implemented Lockdown in its country almost all the country has implemented the Lockdown in India. Police have been given the order to stop the crowd in the public place from 25 March till 14 April in India. But, they can go out if it is very necessary to out like for purchasing the essentials goods like; Milk, ration, Vegetable, Fruit, Medical, etc.

Those countries who are praising to India, as police have controlled people no matter they beat Indians badly but controlled because those people who were wandering without any purpose, it was good to beat them. 

PM Modi and Abraham Lincoln

In history, Abraham Lincoln was such a person who worked as a dedicated person. Prime Minister comes into existence globally as once Abraham Lincoln appeared in the past. Abraham Lincoln was an American statesman and lawyer who becomes the 16th president of America. As he was a very powerful leader and he tried a lot of time to never feel defeat. In present, Mr. Naredra Modi is also such kind of the people who come into existence globally. All over the world, India is the greatest country as per the report of the ANI and WHO. World Health Organisation (WHO) also said that India is a great country for making India relief, WHO has donated $1 billion to India.

There are 8 Suggestions given to PM Modi to speed up the economy of India.

India can bear the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus and it is fixed that we will get control over it soon. But India can not bear the recession in the economy as the result of the Novel Coronavirus. As he also said that after coming to the positive case in India from the Nizamuddin Markaz, the case of the Novel Coronavirus has become more critical.

1) Universal Basic Income (UBI):

It is explained that Universal Basic Income (UBI) India has prepared it on the paper and stated follow it also. In America Canada and the UK, it is said the Universal Basic Income Guaranteed. Those Labour who kept a small amount in his pocket, they also use the Universal Basic Income (UBI) and runs the informal economy. He said that by using the Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) the amount of the Labourer transferred in the Labout account so there will be more effective in the economy. He said that Government has the Rs. 52,000 crore in hand for cess fund. However, these amounts if transferred to the construction worker account through Bank so the population of the 3.5 crores will be saved in India. If we have saved them so they will build the informal economy they will boost up it.

2) Grants & Loans will help Small Businesses:

This point expresses the small trader who contributes to the liquidity in the economy. As for running the business, the business needs the current cash likewise a country needs. In the Lockdown time, India has a lack of the current money in the Economy it can only increase if we provide the new kind of funnels in the economy. There should be no interest or very little interest in EMI. Spain has allocated the 100 billion euro as a Loan guarantee in the Economy.
In simple terms, if India has allocated $ 100 billion to the bank, so the bank doesn't need to spend all the money. Bank will spend only those much money that is not paid by the small firms to the bank. If 20% of people can not pay their loans so the bank can spend the 20% loan in the economy, taken after deep research.


3) Wave off the electricity bill of the commercial Businesses:

In India, the small business is failed to pay the commercial bill because it works faster and it becomes the reason for there to quit the business. If the Indian government will wave off the electricity bill of the commercial Businesses that will give them relief.

4) Multiply The Involvement of the private sector for speed and scale:

After researching it is found that the private sector has many Bandwith to bring speed, logistics, manpower, and team. But now Government Hospitals are also going toward it. Prime Minister Modi has implemented the Lockdown against the Novel Coronavirus Epidemic outbreak. It also needs to bring speed, scale, multiply gloves & equipment incorporate Sector. Due to the lack of the mask, they are reusing it.

5) Partner with Religious Institutions for food operations:

Iskcon is a social welfare NGO who feed to those people who have not money to eat food. It started with 10,000 people but they eat to 2,00,000 people and keeps the capacity to eat the food to the 6,00,000 people. Iskcon used to feed the food to the 12-16 lakhs students as the mid-day-meal. Arvind Kejriwal also helped him for Iskcon the population of the Delhi save from starving. Rahul Singh (DC of the South Delhi) who also helped the ISKCON. Piyush Goyal who is the chairman of the ISKCON food relief foundation. Piyush Goyal with Rahul Singh has started the preparations to eat the food to the poor people. Vivek Bindra liked the Iskcon for doing social welfare he donated 1 crore to the Iskcon during Lockdown.

6) Massive Roll Out Of COVID-19 Test:

India is the second-largest country as compare to the population therefore it needs the massive roll-out of the COVID-19 test. WHO announced COVID-19 as an epidemic that it may be in the second time. It is very important to check the coronavirus infected people and save those people who are infected. But for doing this India need five things in a major amount which are the following:
(1) MasksNasal
(5)Trained Manpower

7) Corona Crisis Will Give Birth To Water Crisis:

For Novel Coronavirus Disease where in one hand people has to wash their hand regularly and as much as they can, on the other hand, it is giving birth to the Water crisis:
But, washing hands is also necessary.
If a person washes their hand, waste 2-liter water at one time because they rub their hand in open water. The problem of the Water Crisis is coming near while rubbing your hand with soap close the tap. But keeps washing your hand continuously.

8) Turn Government Building Into Shelters:

As the student has a holiday, the use of the Government school is using so much. It should be used for shelter for those who have no shelter to live should be utilized for them. People need to keep themselves clean and sanitized.


Business Consultants explained each and everything in detail and gave these 8 suggestions to Prime Minister Modi to utilize the ideas. All the countries are struggling with the Coronavirus where India has simply solved the problem due to the Narendra Modi (PM of India). Stay at home, Wash your hand, Increase knowledge read our blogs, be happy.

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