By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 11, 2020 09:53 IST
India has 3.28 Crore Hydroxychloroquine tablets, domestic requirement is of 1 Crore, said Health Ministry

Joint Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Ministry (MoHFW) in reply said India in present has 3.28 Crore Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) more than the domestic requirement. Luv Agarwal Joint Secretary of MOHFW in daily press briefing brought the present buffer stock data of Hydroxychloroquine in India. Replying to a media question he said, we have domestic requirement of 1 Crore Hydroxychloroquine tablets in India, while we have 3.28 Hydroxychloroquine tablets in present. The intimation given by MoHFW came after India lifted it’s hold on export of Hydroxychloroquine. India has also received requests from various countries and have licensed HCQ in essential numbers, said Joint Secretary.

In recent days several countries including US, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Israel, Spain have made request to Indian Govt for this most searched tablet.

India has 3.28 crores Hydroxychloroquine tablets

In press briefing on Friday Joint Secretary informed after being asked on stock of Hydroxychloroquine tablet for domestic requirement, said we have One crore tablets' domestic demand while we have 3.28 crores Hydroxychloroquine tablets in present. HCQ tablet is one of the most searched tablet these days globally during Covid19 pandemic.

In his statement, Join Secretary also added that after lifting ban from HCQ tablet, India has exported Hydroxychloroquine and other essential drugs to various countries like USA, Israel, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Spain, Italy and various countries are in line. Based on Government’s report around 30 countries have made their request for Hydroxychloroquine an anti malarial drug.  

After the request of US President Donald Trump to PM Modi on Tuesday Indian Government lifted the hold from Hydroxychloroquine HCQ tablet. Globally millions of people have been infected of Covid19 and any hope in this preventive regard sought so far is from Hydroxychloroquine tablet.

India Exports Hydroxychloroquine

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India is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Hydroxychloroquine globally and after outbreak of Coronavirus and study various countries to prevent infection have asked Indian Government for HCQ supply.

India Hydroxychloroquine tablets

In the same row Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has also initiated vary aspects of research on Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus treatment. Various laboratories in India are researching on HCQ. Last week ICMR recommended Hydroxychloroquine at some level for medical staff treating Coronavirus patients in Hospitals. Though no final study has reached so far to required extent on tablet.

Govt fulfilling states' requirements-

Central Government and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is trying every possibility to fulfill states' demand of Medical equipments including N95 masks, PPE kits, Ventilators, Sanitizers. Govt has also asked states to have adequate stock of Hydroxychloroquine and other essential drugs. AIIMS doctors have been rceived Hydroxychloroquine tablets in sufficient amount and in other parts tablet supply is also being assured, said MOHFW.

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