Farm Laws in Supreme Court: Know what Chief Justice of India said on implementation of Farm laws

If Centre doesn't, we will put a stay on it, says CJI in Supreme Court. Chief Justice of India questions Centre govt while hearing the petitions filed against the Farm laws. Know what CJI, Attorney General, and Sr Lawyer Harish Shalve said in Apex Court.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jan 11, 2021 14:13 IST
Farm Laws in Supreme Court: Know what Chief Justice of India said on implementation of Farm laws
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Chief Justice of India (CJI) hearing on the Farm laws said that if Centre doesn't, we will put a stay on it, says CJI in Supreme Court. Supreme Court signals that it wants to stays farm laws, hold off on implementation until there is an amicable solution, orders formation of committee to discuss them. 

CJI says that there is not a single petition before us which says that these farm laws are beneficial to farmers. Centre have not handled this properly, CJI adds.

"Union of India must take responsibility for all this. You (Centre) are bringing the laws and you can do it in a better manner. Each one of us will be responsible if something goes wrong. We don't want anybody's blood on our hands", says CJI hearing batch of petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the three farm laws.

Some people have committed suicide, old people and women are a part of the agitation. What is happening?, asks CJI, and added that not a single plea has been filed that said that the farm laws are good. "We do not think the Centre is handling this issue correctly. We have to take some action today. This is a very serious matter," says CJI hearing petitions filed against Farm laws in Supreme Court.

CJI asks, can the implementation of laws be put on hold for the time being questions CJI. If the Centre does not want to stay the implementation of farm laws, we will put a stay on it, CJI adds.

Centre have not handled this properly, we will have to take some action today. We are proposing and facilitating to try to form a committee and we are also thinking that we will hold the implementation of the laws till further orders, CJI suggests to one of the petitioners. "We are we suggesting staying the implementation of farm laws only to facilitate the talks before the Committee", said CJI.

Supreme Court suggests names of former CJIs including RM Lodha to head panel for exploring possibility of solution over farm laws protests.

It will pass orders on issue concerning farmers protests and implementation of new farm laws in parts, CJI said. It will not help the government to say that the previous government started it. "We don't know if you are part of the problem or solution," said the CJI.

Solicitor General: We are part of the solution... We have many farmers' organisations coming to us and telling that the farm laws are progressive. Rest of the farmers have no difficulty."

Sr. Lawyer Harish Salve: Representing one of the petitioners states that there are few elements which should be weeded out from the protest. Salve mentions about a Vancouver based organization collecting money under the banner 'Justice for Sikhs'.

Attorney General KK Venugopal: What happened with Haryana CM cannot happen. On 26th January, farmers with their tractors are planning to march down to Rajpath to destroy a day of national importance, says AG KK Venugopal before Supreme Court during hearing on petitions challenging constitutional validity of farm laws.

There are Supreme Court precedents saying that the Courts cannot stay legislation, Attorney General said.

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Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave: Appearing for one of the farmers' unions Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave suggests that the matter be adjourned for tomorrow; requests the court to consider it. "We should be allowed to go to the Ramlila Maidan. We are not interested in any violence", says Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave appearing for one of the farmers' unions.

How can such important laws be passed through voice vote in Parliament, says senior advocate Dushyant Dave appearing for one of the farmers' unions. If the Centre is serious, then it can hold a joint session of Parliament. Why is the govt shying away from it, he adds.

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