INDIA Cases - 174,020, Deaths - 4,981

Global Cases - 6,047,421, Deaths - 367,149

Dire need or anti-TB drugs, Union Minister writes to Departments - See Latest
Dire need or anti-TB drugs, Union Minister writes to Departments

The cases of coronavirus are rising in the country day by day.  According to the data, 1336 new cases have been reported and 47 people have died in the last 24 hours. As of 21 April, total coronavirus cases have reached 18,601 which is a scary situation for the country. In the midst of this, Health Secretary Preeti Sudan has written a letter to the different departments to ensure the sufficient stock of anti-TB drugs.

'The country is undertaking various emergency measures to tackle COVID 19 pandemic. TB is a major public health problem. In view of the emergency measures undertaken, the availability of a limited number of manpower and material to the pharmaceutical industry, the production capacity of the leading anti- TB drug manufacturers have been affected, Health Secretary wrote.

Dire need or anti-TB drugs

Health ministry has shown concern for scarce anti TB drugs available in the country when everyone is going through a major crisis and wants to ensure sufficient availability of the same. The pandemic has a major impact on a bundle of industries including pharmaceutical industries due to limited manpower supply.

tb drung

The suppliers have communicated that the anti TB drug supplies will be delayed because of 'Force Majeure' due to COVID-19 response activities, limited materials of production and limited manpower and limited transportation facilities.', the letter said.

Anti-TB drugs

The TB drugs are necessary for ensuring the treatment of tuberculosis patients and any delay in its production will lead to a shortage of the same due to which the patients would have to suffer. To ensure the same, Health Secretary Preeti Sudan wants the emergency measures to tackle the situation and ensuring that the TB patients don't face any hurdles in accessing Fair treatment. 

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