INDIA Cases - 174,020, Deaths - 4,981

Global Cases - 6,048,839, Deaths - 367,227

Delivery Agents died, who walked hundreds of KM from Delhi - See Latest
Delivery Agents died, who walked hundreds of KM from Delhi

As we know that Coronavirus spreading rapidly all over the world and it is very compulsory to follow the Social Distancing but due to Social Distancing and Lockdown. Those people who are traveling by foot are in the most danger than Coronavirus. Where in one hand Lockdown is playing an important role to stop spreading the Coronavirus, there, on the other hand, it has become the cause of death. Let's see them quickly how they are bearing this.

Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Ranveer Singh, who worked as a delivery agent in New Delhi, not hundreds, thousands of the people are in problem due to left without jobs, shelter, or money. Ranveer Shingh had started walking to his village in Madhya Pradesh's morena district, about 326 KM from the national capital. When he reached on the highway in Agra. There was a shopkeeper offered him tea and biscuits. Suddenly he died due to Heart Attack. In other states also, those people who are out of their home are trying to go at their home but due to Lockdown, no vehicles are availble. Some of them thought to travell by foot hundreads of Kilometers. 

mondi on maan ki baat

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Agra: An old man of about 38 years old, who decided to travell almost 200 km by foot from Delhi to Madya Pradesh but on the way he died. India's Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has announced for 21 days Lockdown. On Saturday evening, not hundreads but thousands of the crowded in near the bus terminals putting them all the efforts.

On Saturday evening the Uttar Pradesh and Delhi governments arranged the bus to travel those people who are in a great problem. The Utter Pradesh's government arranged 1000 buses where Delhi's Government bus arranged 200 Buses for helping them.

Anand Vihar (Delhi, India): Thousands of the people were gathered near the Anand Vihar Interstate Bus terminus on Saturday afternoon. They were gathered in Anand Vihar is one of the reasons for lifting jobs, shelter, and other essential things. 

Prime Minister said today in 'Mann Ki Baat':

Narendra Modi said that Lockdown is the world's different challenge to take immediately to the point. Taking time or giving annouccement of Lockdown may be the danger therefore this strict steps raised immediatel. Not only in india but in other country also are suffering from the Lockdown, but this is one of the super action that there is not other option better than this.

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