COVID-19 India Report Jan 29: Massive Dip In Daily Cases & Positivity Rate, Is Third Wave Over?

Here's our latest COVID-19 India report Jan 29. As per latest coronavirus report, daily cases & COVID-19 positivity rate has dropped drastically in the country & people are speculating whether third wave has ended or not.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Jan 29, 2022 11:42 IST
COVID-19 India Report Jan 29: Massive Dip In Daily Cases & Positivity Rate, Is Third Wave Over?
Image Source- India Today

COVID-19 India Report Jan 29: India's daily Covid curve showed a slight improvement today, with 2.35 lakh infections reported, down about 6% from the previous day. According to the Health Ministry, 871 people have died as a result of Covid in the last 24 hours.

The active currently accounts for 4.91 percent of all infections, while the COVID-19 recovery rate in the United States has dropped to 93.89 percent. In the week ending January 26, 400 districts had a positivity rate of over 10%.

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He covid vaccination coverage has reached 164.04 crore doses in India. Ninety-five percent of India's adult population has received the first dose of Covid vaccination, with 74% having received the full dose.

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Is COVID-19 Third Wave Over?

For the past week, the daily national tally of Covid-19 infections has been declining. For the past four days, the number of active cases has been decreasing. For the past week, the weekly optimism rate has stayed nearly constant.

According to all indicators, the third wave has already peaked, and it did so at a level much below the second wave's apex. The number of cases may grow again, although current patterns indicate that it will not be extremely high.

At 4.14 lakh, the second wave had reached its pinnacle. If current trends persist and coronavirus infections continue to fall, India would have defied expectations that the third wave will peak at 8 or 10 lakh cases per day. In addition, India's third wave trajectory would be strikingly different from that of most other severely impacted countries, where the Omicron wave's peak was two to four times greater than prior peaks.

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