INDIA Cases - 199,785, Deaths - 5,612

Global Cases - 6,397,743, Deaths - 377,974

15 Lakh foreigners who skipped from Screening could create havoc spreading Coronavirus - See Latest
15 Lakh foreigners who skipped from Screening could create havoc spreading Coronavirus

Rajiv Gauba (Cabinet Secretary) says that Coronavirus is entered in India due to 15 lakh air travelers coming in India in 2 months from other countries. There were some patients of Coronavirus in 15 lakh air travelers and spread them all over India. Rajiv Gauba also said that this is the biggest problem created by those Coronavirus infected patients in India. These could be controlled if the state and the union territory was strengthened. 

Rajiv Gauba (Cabinet Secretary) has said to those states to immediately strengthen surveillance of international air travelers who entered in  India between January 18 to March 23 as there appeared to be a 'gap' between those being monitored for COVID-19 and 15 lakh arrivals during this period to also said to those it is the critical time and should be taken it seriously. 

15 Lakh foreigners skipped the screening

In India, it was announced that there should be checked people who are coming from other countries and first isolated them properly and if anybody found infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it may be taken seriously and cured them properly. In North Korea, if anybody infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) or any person came from Abroad and he/she infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19) so 'Kim Jong-un' has announced to shoot them at the time. But Don't worry in India, nothing will happen like happening in North Korea.

havoc spreading Coronavirus

COVID-19 originated from Wuhan in China as it was said by most of the people and other reliable sources. First, it infected animals and those people who ate it transferred and likewise, it spread rapidly in all other people. Most of the Indian was there, but India's Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has announced in India, not to worry about the Indians, we will save them. Some students were carried in India by air travelers from China, first kept them in an Isolation ward and cured them.

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Havoc Spreading Coronavirus

When Kanika Kapoor (Indian Bollywood Singer) came from abroad, she did not keep herself in the Isolation ward, hid from screening. She can save herself but she also gives the party made others also infected with Coronavirus. Now she is suffering from epidemic disease COVID-19 and her name is reported for FIR.

This is the time to stay at home because, in India, Mr. Narendra Modi has started 21 days Lockdown to save the Indian till 14 April no one will go out. This is the greatest and only one method this time to save others and themselves. All the air travelers coming in India from other countries have been stopped and another Interstate transportation has also been stopped. Most of the Vehicle has also been stopped.