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Men in Black International review: Chris Hemsworth's film is dull and without any humour, getting trolled

Men In Black International, starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, hit the screens today. The film is drab and devoid of any sort of humour and is not a patch on the original Will Smith film. Even Chris Hemsworth can't charm his way out of director F Gary Gray's unfunny, unmemorable and utterly unbearable sequel.
Men in Black: International
Director - F Gary Gray
Cast - Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson, Rafe Spall, Kumail Nanjiani, Emma Thompson
Rating - 1/5

  •  Men in Black: International out now in India
  •  Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson star
  •  Directed by F. Gary Gray (Fast and Furious 8)
A pair of shapeshifting aliens with electrifying powers and mad breakdancing skills threaten the safety of Earth's inhabitants in Men in Black: International. The fourth installment in the popular franchise hits theaters this weekend, and this iteration is the first not to star Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Fortunately, former Thor: Ragnorak co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson prove themselves worthy successors to that dynamic duo, bringing their own brand of wisecracking buddy-cop chemistry to this standalone sequel.
The first Men in Black film (1997) was an instant classic and pretty much cemented Will Smith's status as a mega-star. Smith's chemistry with co-star Tommy Lee Jones was a sheer delight, and the original was rounded out by an equally terrific cast. Miraculously, the sequel, Men in Black II (2002), was almost as good, and a Hollywood franchise was born, reuniting Smith and Jones one last time with Men in Black III in 2012.
Among the rest of the cast, Rebecca Ferguson gets four stars as Riza, an old flame of H's who he visits in a remote island castle in order to retrieve that magic box. She has evil plans but delivers them with relish. Back at headquarters, there is efficacious Rafe Spall as Agent C and Liam Neeson at the big boss Agent High T. Something?s going on with them, but it is pretty transparent where it is all headed. That goes for the whole movie. The franchise has seen better times.
Producers are Laurie MacDonald and Walter F. Parkes. 
As the history of lengthy franchise sequels may lead you to suspect, this is not a perfect film. The plot is predictable and on the thin side, and the final twist is telegraphed far too early on. Luckily, jumping around to various exotic locations keeps things moving at a brisk pace throughout. MiB: International at least avoids the dizzying time-travel convolutions that marred the third installment in this franchise, plus there are a number of amusing collaborations to the prior films. It all makes for a fun, enjoyable summer ride, and fans of the earlier films won't be disappointed as much as this film.
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