25 May 2020, 03:14 pm By Rohit Sindhu
Haryana Govt Rs 15,000 Loan Scheme! Know Eligibility, Application & Interest details

Haryana state Chief Minister has announced to provide loans up to Rs 15,000 to three lakh poor people. State Govt of Haryana will facilitate loans upto RS 15,000 for starting their own small businesses at nominal 2% rate of interest. These loans will be provided under the Differential Rate of Interest (DRI) scheme, in which banks charge 4 % interest & of this, two percent interest will be borne by the state government, CM Khattar said in an interview. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic activity has been limited for the last three months & to revive back Haryana Government to provide loans of RS 15,000 to 3 lakh people across State. 

CM in his Interview said that due to prevailing situation of Covid19 & extensions in lockdown economic activities have been halted and also the family incomes have been affected. CM Khattar said banks will play a prominent role in restarting businesses that have suffered due to the pandemic-induced lockdown.

Haryana Govt RS 15,000 Loan

For poor people who want to begin small business banks have a DRI (Differential Rate of Interest) plan to provide Rs 15,000 loan to nearly 3 Lakh people, CM said. Under this people of Haryana can get a loan of Rs 15,000 at the interest rate of four per cent. Out of this four per cent interest also, Haryana will pay two per cent and shall facilitate nearly 3 lakh people to get this loan through banks. Haryana government will bear three months interest on education loans taken by thousands of students in the state, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Wednesday. The chief minister added that the state government will also ensure a better relationship between banks and people.

Eligibility for Loan & Burden on Govt

Haryana Chief Minister said that government will pay the interest of three months of all those students who are completing their education this year or who have already completed their education in the previous year, but have not been able to start their jobs or business due to this coronavirus pandemic. As many as 36,000 students will be benefitted, CM said in a televised address. The burden on the ex-chequer for this is estimated to be about Rs 40 crore.

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haryana rs 15000 loan

Haryana Rs 15,0000 Loan: Where to Apply?

Applicants often face various problems in availing loans from different banks. Since the last three months, e-governance has been widely used by the government to help the common man, said CM Khattar. Keeping this in mind, a portal by Haryana Govt is being developed on which one can apply for any kind of loan from any bank to start a new venture. The state government will ensure that all such loan applications are approved by banks without any delay, CM said.

The Haryana government will also bear two percent of the total interest on loans of up to Rs 50,000 under the ‘Shishu Yojana’ of the Centre’s Mudra Loan Scheme, an official statement here quoted the chief minister as saying. They will not be required to give any type of collateral for this loan.  Under this scheme, loan will be provided to 5 lakh people in the state.

Source Hindustan Times