29 May 2020, 05:27 pm By Rohit Sindhu
Haryana-Delhi Border Updates (May 29)- Visuals from Gurugram, Jhajjar & Faridabad Borders with Delhi

After the Haryana Home Minister’s call of new order on sealing border with National Capital several visuals shown huge crowd on Friday at Delhi-Gurugram border. Haryana Health Minister on Thursday issued new order in wake of increase in Coronavirus cases in recent days to shut borders. As per reports on Friday people in large numbers gathered at Delhi-Gurugram border amid new row of sealing borders with Delhi made by Haryana Home Minister.

Based on latest updates from Haryana’s borders with National Capital, the flow of travelers was continued in Friday morning at Delhi-Jhajjar border, Delhi-Gurugram & at Faridabad border. On Friday May 29, visuals shown that even after the state Home Minister Anil Vij’s order to seal borders with Delhi, the people continued to pass through borders with Capital.  People in large numbers gathered at Delhi-Gurugram border after Haryana Govt on Thursday announced to re-seal borders with the national capital in wake of increasing number of #COVID19 cases.

Haryana-Delhi Border Updates May 29

Earlier in wake of sharp increase in Covid19 cases in adjacent districts of Haryana to Delhi, Haryana State Health and state Home Minister Anil Vij roll out an order to seal borders with Delhi. On Thursday several new Coronavirus cases reported in Gurugram, Jhajjar, Faridabad, Sonipat and other districts. In his press interview, Health Minister said that in Haryana the positive cases of Coronavirus is increasing in those districts bordering with National Capital Delhi.

Increase in Coronavirus Cases-

According to See Latest report on Thursday large number of Coronavirus cases reported in Haryana specially those districts coinciding border with Delhi. According to report 18 new cases reported in Faridabad, 68 cases in Gurgaon and 4 new Coronavirus cases found in Sonipat districts. Similarly on Thursday the biggest spike of 1024 new Corona positive cases reported in Delhi.

Delhi-Gurugram Border Visuals- May 29

haryana delhi border updates

In wake of increase in Covid19 cases Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij on Thursday orders to seal the borders with National Capital. State Home Minister said that except Essential services supply, borders should be sealed after sharp increase in Corona cases in Border adjecent districts.

Visuals- Delhi-Jhajjar & Delhi-Gurugram & Delhi-Faridabad Borders

haryana delhi border updates may 29 visuals

Haryana-Delhi Border updates-

May 29, 9:15 AM-

  • Delhi-Gurugram Border- Open
  • Delhi-Sonipat Border- Open
  • Delhi-Jhajjar Border- Open
  • Delhi-Faridabad- Open

May 28, 9:30 pm-

Haryana State Home Minister announced to seal borders with Delhi.


Here are visuals from Haryana- Delhi Borders May 29 after the Home Minister's call to seal borders again. In view of increase in Covid19 cases state Home Minister Anil Vij has announced to again seal state borders with Delhi.