By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Aug 28, 2020 15:09 IST
Jago Students: Five key points every student appearing in JEE & NEET must read

For the students appearing for the JEE and NEET exams, it should be noted that safety measures have been rolled-out for the exams. Detailed guidelines, strict instructions and protocols are there for everyone. To awaken the students and broadening their views on politics behind the walls, a campaign named Jago Students with #JagoStudents is rolled out by See Latest. All those students who are in between the tussle to appear for NEET / JEE exams or not, some key takeaways with facts are being shared. Students need to remain awaken and view the centre’s decision with all angles. 

1) Exams in Sept, more for the safety:

It should be kept in mind that holding NEET & JEE exams in September, is not as simple as it seems for authorities. The authoritative decision to hold exams amid health crises not only brings Conducting agency (NTA) but also the Centre Government for its decision, inside circle. A single student’s infection to the big burst would bring centre government accountable for its decision. Taking this into consideration NTA has released strict guidelines for students and authorities for inside and outside the exam hall. Candidates are suggested to visit the examination venue, a day in advance to see the arrangements at the centre, so that they do not face any problem on the day of examination. No Candidate would be allowed to enter the Examination Centre, without Admit Card, Valid ID Proof and proper frisking. Frisking through Handheld Metal Detector (HHMD) will be carried out without touching body, NTA notice reads. Standard Operating Procedures for implementing safety precautions and for maintaining required standard of hygiene will be implemented. 

2) Much at stake:

Holding NEET & JEE exams not only brings the future of students, but the conducting agency and very much of the Centre government is at stake. As more than 2 million students are appearing for the NEET and JEE examinations in September, India is joining some of selected countries, taking exams in current situation. Students should take all perspectives into consideration and their safety is in their own hands.

3) Holding exams in favour of students:

Several academicians including Directors of IIT Delhi and IIT Kharagpur, Vice Chancellor of JNU and several politicians have backed the centre’s decision on exams. Any further delay in conducting entrance exams JEE Main and NEET UG will have 'serious repercussions' on not only the academic calendar but also career of bright students, said IIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao.

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4) Protesters are not real students:

On social media there are millions of tweets demanding the postpone of exams. Several online campaigns, ground protests are being held to postpone the exams. Somehow, it could be real that students would face hurdles for appearing in NEET/ JEE Exams as several parts of country are facing travel restrictions and some of the regions are under flood. But there would be a solution to deal with such situation.

jago grahak jee neet protest
NSUI Protests against NEET and JEE exams in Sept

For last couple of days social media has turned into battlefield as several politicians have jumped into. Opposition parties have called protests demanding centre govt to postpone the exams, despite of the fact that with this, students may lose their one year. Among the protesters, several political activists, party workers have become active to gain the limelight. Protesters themselves have been found flaunting the social distancing, as seen on Friday across the country. Amid all this a student should be aware of politics behind these as a Jago Student.

5) Jago Students: Don’t believe in Social Media campaigns

A Lahore based account tweets in support of Postpone of NEET & JEE Exams. After fact-check it was found that a user shared a Corona report of his father from Lahore based Hospital. A Lahore based fake student wrote that he is taking JEE Exam on 3rd September and his father is admitted in hospital after testing Covid positive. 

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