IIT Goa Conducts Exam Without A Question, Experts Say 'Savage Idea' to Stop Cheating

IIT Goa changing the entire dynamics conducted its end-semester exams which did not contain a single question. According to the experts, the idea can be savage to stop cheating in the university and board exams.

By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : May 22, 2021 10:33 IST
IIT Goa Conducts Exam Without A Question, Experts Say 'Savage Idea' to Stop Cheating
IIT Goa Conducts Exam without A Question, Savage Idea to tackle Cheating say Epxerts, Photo: Shalin Bhansali/

IIT Goa came forward with the idea of holding exams without a single question. According to the students, the IIT Goa conducted end-semester exams which didn't contain a single question. The idea has been hailed by the experts as it not only inherits capacity to tackle cheating but, also a more efficient in times like this.

According to the experts, this idea (Exam without Question) can be savage to stop cheating and should be adopted by other Universities/Board especially during the COVID19 pandemic.

IIT Goa asked the students to frame questions which reflected their understanding about the course and then answer themselves. While this incident has been the subject matter of several memes but here's what Institute tackled in holding the exams without a single question:-

1. Finding the answer to a question from sources is no Herculean task. But framing a question covering all relevant points requires a strong and in-depth understanding of the entire syllabus.

2. Two students cannot be convinced of cheating if their answers are the same. But in IIT Goa's exam structure, this can easily be done as the probability of 2 students having the same thought process is negligible.

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3. A theory says that if you want to test your concepts, try teaching the same concept to others. By making the students frame a question and asking them to answer it, we're in a way testing the depth of their concepts, so something which has limited scope in a traditional exam.

Students after taking the exams said that they are happy with this dynamic experiment.

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"It might still not be hundred percent waterlight but, so much achieved by just reversing the things", a student said on being asked about the exam.

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