By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 23, 2020 12:09 IST
Sonia Gandhi in Congress CWC meeting- 12 Cr jobs lost, growth slipped below 1%, BJP spreading hatred

In Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting Sonia Gandhi blamed the BJP Party for commun hatred, also highlighted on economic conditions and Govt's failures in tackling Covid19. Congress Interim President in CWC meeting chaired with all Congress leaders including former PM Manmohan Singh, shared her views. 'BJP is spreading the virus of hatred and communal bias at the time when everyone together should fight coronavirus, said Congress President Sonia Gandhi during CWC meeting in Delhi.

Congress President called CWC Meeting on Thursday via Video Conferencing after BJP Party led attack on Congress Party and Sonia Gandhi accusing for attack on Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami. Congress President also spoke about job loss in country due to COVID19 pandemic and growth rate of cohntry. Sonia Gandhi also brief on Govts efforts on testing, tracing and quarantine.

In her statement at CWC meeting in Delhi via VC, Sonia Gandhi hailed efforts of doctors, nurses, paramedics, health workers, sanitation workers and essential service providers, NGOs and the lakhs of citizens providing relief to the most needy all over India. She said 'their dedication and determination truly inspire us all.'

There are a few success stories & we should applaud them. Most of all we should salute every single Indian leading the fight against the COVID19 pandemic in spite of the absence of adequate personal protection equipment, added Congress President Sonia Gandhi at CWC meeting.

Sonia Gandhi in Congress CWC Meeting

  • We have repeatedly urged PM there is no alternative to testing, tracing and quarantine; unfortunately, testing still is low: Sonia Gandhi
  • 12 cr jobs lost in first phase of lockdown; unemployment likely to increase further as economic activity remains at standstill, said Sonia Gandhi
  • MSMEs employ close to 11 cr people and account for one-third of GDP; special package be announced for their survival, said Congress President Sonia Gandhi at CWC meeting. She also added the Fitch Ratings on Indian Growth, ‘India growth slipping below 1% in current fiscal; says there is unparalleled global recession underway', she added.
  • Sections of our society, especially farmers, labourers, migrant workers, face acute hardship due to lockdown. Trade, commerce, industry have come to virtual halt and crores of livelihoods have been destroyed: Sonia Gandhi on coronavirus lockdown.  

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Manmohan Singh in CWC Meeting-

Success of lockdown is to be judged finally on our ability to tackle COVID19. Cooperation between the Centre & states is key to the success of our fight against COVID, said Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh at CWC meeting.

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