By Neha Sinha, Updated : Jun 01, 2020 17:14 IST
BJP leader Manoj Tiwari in Delhi Police custody, was protesting against Kejriwal govt

BJP MP Manoj Tiwari and other BJP Leaders, are in Delhi police custody, who is protesting against the ever increasing coronavirus case in Delhi. BJP MP Leaders Manoj Tiwari in Delhi Police custody, he was protesting against Delhi Goverment. Delhi BJP State General Secretary Kuljit Chahal has claimed this. He has also posted a picture on Twitter. In which Manoj Tiwari is being taken in a bus. Along with Manoj Tiwari, some other BJP leaders and policemen are also seen in the bus. Manoj Tiwari and other leaders have been taken to the Rajendranagar police station.

According to BJP leader Kuljit Singh Chahal, party leaders led by Manoj Tiwari went to Rajghat to protest. He accused Chief Minister Arvind of being negligent in the treatment of Coronavirus patients and this demonstration was being done on the same issue.

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BJP Leader Manoj Tiwari in police Custody

BJP Delhi Said 'The CM is still in sleep, despite the rapid rise in cases of corona infection in Delhi. State President Manoj tiwari Following the social distancing led by the leaders of BJP Delhi, they gave arrest after the protest.'

Actually, there is an ongoing phase of accusation between the leaders of the ruling party and the opposition. Taking a step forward, the BJP has decided to take the road against the Delhi government. On Monday, BJP had spoken out against the government at nine places, but during the protest at Rajghat, BJP leaders were taken into custody.

The BJP alleges that the arrangements made in hospitals treating coronavirus patients in Delhi are not adequate. BJP leaders say that CM's claim about Corona hospitals is false.

Manoj Tiwari protesting against Delhi Govt

The Delhi government, which is facing financial crisis due to the lockdown, has demanded Rs 5000 crore immediately from the Center. Delhi government has said that there is no money for salary. Therefore, this amount should be made available immediately. Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has written a letter to the Union Finance Minister about this.

In a digital press conference on Sunday, Sisodia said that the Delhi government has reviewed its minimum spending. According to this, there is a minimum monthly expenditure of 3500 crores only on salary and maintenance of offices. A total of Rs 1735 crore has been collected in the first quarter including GST and other sources. Last year, there was a revenue collection of 7799 crores in this period. At present, Delhi requires a minimum of 5000 crores.

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