By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Nov 12, 2019 12:21 IST
JNU Fee Hike- Economy or Ideology?

A classic demonstration of conditioning. The conditioning of subsidies. Imagine this, there are two aspiring youngsters from a small town outside Delhi. Both get admission to JNU. One gets the hostel facility and one could not(some hypothetical reason). Now just imagine the level of inequality these youngsters will face. One in real word, struggling for means and other in a bubble of subsidy and self proclaimed right to freebies. And this won't stop at this. An overdue  hike in fees from Rs 20 to Rs. 600 per month would amount to blasphemy and invite the ire of the 'intellectuals'.

JNU Fee Hike Protest- Ideology Prevailing in Campus

Ok, so just toning it down. Do Indians elsewhere have less issues and poverty than the one who enter JNU. Are the hikes so unreasonable? Any cosmopolitan will drop his or her jaws at the miniscule fees paid by JNU students. Ask those from humble background from outside Delhi flooding coaching centers living in really expensive accommodations. So pragmatically there is no absurd fee being charged in new hostel manual but there are some undercurrents which the JNUSU has sensed.

Is any Foreign Power Behind JNU Fee Hike Protest?

This is being viewed as an act of assertion of authority and unilateralism. Since the sedition charges against Kanhaiya Kumar, JNU is feeling ostracized by a wave of anti JNU sentiments. So it can’t be denied nothing is behind the JNU protest 2.0 in which students came face to face to cops.

The accusations of it being an anti-national breeding ground has long occupied general perception about the university which has produced some world class scholars. It's a hallmark of all struggles, identity. Here the driving force is not economics but the image JNU has carved for self as the Messiah of all downtrodden, all disadvantaged, all who have no voice in mainstream.

The opposition comes from ideology and it will end up becoming a power tussle if centre doesn't tackles it well. HRD ministry's move for a dialogue should act as an ice breaker and hope that a reasonable outcome is welcomed by all.

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