By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 20, 2020 17:17 IST
All Doctors to observe Black Day on 23 April, IMA calls to enact Central Law for safety of Medical Staff

Indian Medical Association (IMA) has announced to observe Black Day on 23 April, if the Govt fails to enact law on violence against Doctors. IMA issuing ultimatum to Govt asked to enact law for the safety of Doctors and Hospital staff. IIf the govt fails to enact Central Law on violence against Doctors & Hospitals even after White Alert, IMA will declare Black Day on 23rd April. All doctors in the country will work with black badges said Indian Medical Association. In addition to Black Day call, IMA also added that all Doctors to light Candles on March 22, 9 PM observing White Alert.

Earlier Central Government issued advisory to provide Police safety to all Doctors, Medical Staff and Nurses treating Covid19 cases across India. But demanding a Central Law against Doctors and other hospital staff, Association laid down its demand.

All Doctors to observe Black Day

Raising the demand for central law to stop violence against Medical Staff and Doctors, Indian Medical Association on Monday calls for observance of Black Day on 23 April. Facing several violence cases against Doctors, IMA issued ultimatum to MHA to implement Central Law for the safety of Doctors.

Our legitimate needs for safe workplaces have to be met. Abuse and violence should stop immediately. White Alert to the nation - All doctors and hospitals to light a candle at 9pm on 22 April, as protest and vigil, said Indian Medical Association through intimation. Amid COVID19 outbreak in Country several cases of assault against Doctors and Medical Staff have been reported across Country.

In its intimation Indian Medical Association on Monday stated 'Black Day- IMA declares 23 April 2020 (Thursday) ,If the Government fails to enact Central Law on Violence against Doctors and Hospitals even after White Alert.

There are a number of cases which are evidence of the same. Reports stated that the Doctors have been spat at and chased away from homes, and that in one case patients used abusive and vulgar language towards female nurses.One video, which has gone viral, showed a mob throwing stones at two female doctors wearing personal protective equipment in the central city of Indore. They had gone to a densely populated area to check an old patient suspected to have coronavirus.

In last two months the number of cases of torture against doctors have been rising day by day. In the midst of this, doctors have demanded safe workplaces for themselves and want the government to take strict action against those who resort to such brutal and intolerable actions.

Indian Medical Association demands Special Central Law against violence on healthcare workers  and Declares White Alert to the nation on 22/04/2020 and Black day on 23/04/2020 where they will be wearing black badges while working. Our legitimate needs for safe workplaces be met. Abuse and violence should be stop immediately. White alert will be given to the nation, all doctors ad hospitals to light a candle at 9pm on 22 April, Indian Medical Association said.

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In Country several incidences have happened when Doctors and Medical Staff during treatment, Screening and Testing of Covid19 cases have faced violent attacks & humiliation. Recently AIIMS Residents Doctors Association (RDA) also issued letter to Ministry of Home Affairs citing seven incidences when Doctors & Medical Staff assaulted.

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