A complete Delhi Lockdown to curb rising COVID-19 cases, will it be effective? A detailed analysis

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced a week-long curfew in Delhi starting tonight in the national capital. Given below is an in-depth analysis of whether Delhi Lockdown will help curb the COVID-19 cases or not.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Apr 19, 2021 15:11 IST
A complete Delhi Lockdown to curb rising COVID-19 cases, will it be effective? A detailed analysis
Delhi Lockdown

As per recent reports, Fewer than 100 critical care beds are available in New Delhi, a city of more than 20 million people, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has said, as social media is flooded with complaints about lack of beds, oxygen cylinders, and drugs in the Indian capital. 

As of now, the Capital City has recorded a total of 25462 cases, and almost every 1 out of 4tt person has found to be COVID-19. Observing the seriousness of the Situation and receiving immense public pressure a complete Delhi Lockdown has been imposed by Delhi CM Kejriwal till 26th May 2021.

Will this Delhi Lockdown be able to bring down the number of cases and return the city to normalcy? Here is our In-Depth Report on Delhi Lockdown in which we have the cons and pros of this new development and how it will impact the situation currently at hand.  

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Delhi Lockdown In-Depth Analysis

Cons of Delhi Lockdown

  • Delhi's economy was already in the doldrums prior to the Delhi Lockdown but the initial quarantines and rising COVID-19 cases have to lead to an unprecedented crisis. Delhi's economy has faced enormous stretch due to its overpopulation and immigrants that enter the state on daily basis. 
  • MSME sector that was already under scrutiny, may face even more problems as the effects of the 2020 nationwide lockdown have not faded either. While, Many People may think a 1-week lockdown won't affect these enterprises, but it's not true, Delhi Lockdown has drastically permanently shut at least 12% of freshly opened MSMEs. 
  • We have to remember one thing, Delhi Lockdown has only been made possible because of support from various Trade Unions that have committed to supply essential services during the curfew. These Trade unions may have definitely cut a back-door deal with the Delhi government to earn more profits, this in-turn may adversely affect shop-time shops that have been shut down.
  • Cases of domestic violence are likely to go up as rural and illiterate sections of the society may have to suffer serious economic problems, which in turn may lead to frustrations especially in large below poverty line families where the only earning member is male.
  • This may sound funny but Delhi Lockdown could also lead to a drastic rise in population in the coming days (not in one week) as couples may tend towards reproductive activities. NCR is already overpopulated and does not have the capacity to inhabit more individuals
  • Talking about the Medical Infrastructure, while it is true that 1-Week Delhi Lockdown will definitely provide the local government enough time to restock its supplies of oxygen, beds, ICUS, and other medical equipment, but it may also lead to a complete collapse in cases more infected people stay indoors special where large families live in a single room. Slums would be the worst hit. 
  • Social gatherings at wine and Liquor shops will lead to a massive surge in COVID-19 as people tend to store stocks of alcohol due to a 7-day dry period
  • At last, there is no way Delhi's economy would have the capacity to bear this lockdown which will also hinder future development projects laid down by Delhi Government. 

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Pros of Delhi Lockdown

  • Delhi was left with less than 100 emergency beds and at the current COVID-19 positivity rate, the medical infrastructure may have collapsed. This curfew will help the government to restock various essential supplies especially emergency beds.
  • Delhi lockdown will help restrict the gathering of people in public places, cafes, cinema halls, gyms, and markets that will, in turn, curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 
  • The government will definitely be able to calm down public outcry as AAP was previously resisting the lockdown but it was due to public pressure that curfew has been imposed. CM Kejriwal has already got public support on this.
  • Migrant Workers have not been called to leave the capital and this decision is actually on a positive note because as soon as the lockdown lifts, these workers will be required to kick start the frozen economic activities.

At last, we would like to remind the public that Delhi Lockdown can be a boon or bane for anyone depending on their profession, economic dependencies, social status, health status, etc. however, we must not forget that Delhi Government really did not have any choice but to go for it. With cases rising at a 30% positivity rate, it was a desperate move by Kejriwal to prevent Delhi from becoming another Maharashtra. What's your take on this? Comment Below. 

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