By Neha Sinha, Updated : Apr 11, 2020 11:07 IST
Chandani Mahal becoms another Hotspot in Delhi, 52 cases 3 deaths in last few hours

Chandani Mahal has become India's second-largest hotspot after Nizamuddin Markaz. Chandani Mahal is declared as containment zones and sealed it completely, in Delhi. The second biggest Corona hotspot in Delhi is the Chandni Mahal declared as a containment zone. More than 3 people have died in Chandni Mahal out of 102 people in the last 3 days due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). It is also found that there have been found 13 different kinds of religious locations in this area. Also, 52 people have been tested coronavirus positive.

Another big Corona hotspot in Delhi. Chandni Mahal declared as a containment zone. Fifty-two members belonging to the Tablighi Jamaat out of 102, who have been found gathered in 13 different mosques in Delhi's Chandni Mahal area, have tested coronavirus positive​.

 Chandani Mahal another Hotspot in Delhi

An order issued by the District magistrate that North Delhi has declared as a hotspot of the coronavirus and containment zones. Also said District magistrate that the area 3 people have died due to coronavirus and out of 102 people staying in 13 different religious.

coronavirus hotspot in delhi

The cases of the coronavirus positive spreading in Chandani Mahal, therefore District Magistrate has declared Chandni Mahal which is the sub-area of the Chandani Chowk is a Hotspot.

Those people who were in Tablighi Jamaat on 31 march, they have come in Chandani Mahal. They have spread around the Chandani Mahal. 52Jamaat members tested coronavirus positive

Coronavirus Hotspot in Delhi

There are at least 52 people have been tested and found coronavirus in Chandani Mahal. But before testing, they have spread all over the country. Nizamuddin is the largest hotspot of the coronavirus, but now the Chandani Mahal has become the second largest area of the coronavirus hotspot. 

Delhi Magistrate said that testing is going on in the Chandani Mahal, most of the people are found infected with coronavirus, area of Chandanai Mahal is totally covered with sanitization. Also said, District magistrate that 50 % out of 100 % are found infected with the coronavirus, all have come from the Tablighi Jamaat.

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