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Series 3- If You Are Preparing for Govt Exam Must Answer These 10 Questions

Hereby we bring a common test Series III here for all Govt Jobs exam aspirants who are preparing for Competitive Exams / State Level Jobs including DSSSB / SSC / Haryana Police/ UPPSC / BPSC / UPSC / CTET/ DRDO etc. We daily prepare a Series of 10 questions & hereby it is our Third Series for all aspirants. At seelatest website and our FB Page we publish daily a new test series completely free. Students can Answer these questions in Comment box and can take benefit daily of quiz without any cost.

Aspirants are requested to share our series so that other students can get benefit of Questions based on Reasoning/ Aptitude/ English/ Computer & General Knowledge.

Question 1) Choose the Correct Spelling Word

1) Flagiarism

2) Flagarism

3) Flagirasm

4) Flagirism

Question 2) One Word Substitution- A man who always looks Bright Side of Life

1) Optimist

2) Pessimist

3) Philanthropist

4) Misogamist

Question 3) Choose the Correct Answer among the Phrases/ Idioms- 

A Paper Tiger

1) A Tiger made of Paper

2) A Tiger made weak by Old age

3) An Important Threat

4) A light Joke

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Question 4) Syllogism

Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically fit

Statement: Some Notebooks are Book

All Books are Papers

i. Some notebooks are papers
ii. No paper is notebook

1) If only conclusion (i) Follows

2) If only conclusion (ii) Follows

3) If Either conclusion (i) or (ii) Follows

4) If neither conclusion (i), nor (ii) Follows

Question 5) Raja walks slower than Raghu and Raghu walks as fast as Guru and Krishna walks faster than Guru. Who walks the fastest-

1) Raghu

2) Guru

3) Raja

4) Krishna

Question 6) To Insert A Link

1) Ctrl+A

2) Ctrl+K

3) Ctrl+L

4) Ctrl+I

Question 7) Which of the following is required to create an HTML document?

1) Internet

2) Browser

3) Search Engine

4) Text Editor

Question 8) - What is the outermost layer of the Sun is called?

1) Chromosphere

2) Corona

3) Photosphere

4) Lithosphere

Question No 8) Which one of the following elements exists in liquid state at room temperature?

1) Sodium

2) Mercury

3) Lead

4) Calcium

Question No 9) How long will a train 100 m long and travelling at a speed of 45 kmph, take to cross a platform of length 150 m?- 

1) 22 Second 

2) 18 Second 

3) 24 Second 

4) None of These 

Question No 10) Two men on opposite sides of a TV tower of height 26 m notice the angle of elevation of the top of this tower to be 45o and 60o respectively. Find the distance (in meters) between the two men- 

1) 42 

2) 45 

3)  26 

4) 41.01 


On Students request we can add other subjects in our daily Question series. All that need to do is to comment the topic which they require.

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