By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Apr 02, 2020 01:51 IST
Don't eat Sweets with Silver Warq ! You can Eat Aluminum on Name of Coating

A new research in India revealed that Sweets with Silver plating are hazardous for the health & specially during Diwali season these come out too dangerous. When on the name of Silver foil / silver plating use of aluminum foil is recovered from various Sweet shops. Due to higher demand in Diwali season sweets specially Barfis & Gulab Jamun are found stitched in aluminum foil which cause severe damage by entering in brain. Sweets which seem to be coated with silver foil have been found adulterated with aluminum. Aluminum is a dangerous metal accumulates within the body tissues and also causes severe damage to brain & tissues. If aluminum foil gets consumed by a pregnant woman, aluminum can harm the placenta and fetus as well.

Don't Eat Sweets with Silver Warq

What has fueled the news on Silver plating on Sweets that silver is placed inside the guts or intestines of buffaloes and then hammered, to achieve the required level of thinness in the Silver warq or Chandi Warq. Avoiding this intermixing of non-vegetarian intestine manufacturers have been scolded to use modern, inorganic forms of silver leaf production. Even Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has stipulated that silver leaf should not be manufactured using any kind of Animal material.

So, we recommend during Diwali season either to ignore buying Sweets coated with Silver plating or you should buy these sweets from a reliable shop with guarantee  

Use of Meat in Silver Plating  

Vegetarian People claim that the Silver foil which is being used in Mithais including Barfi, Gulab Jamun is beaten by placing between animal’s intestines. And doing this some part of it mixes with the intestine and becomes non-vegetarian

How to Avoid / Identify Aluminum Foil over Silver Warq 

This does not mean you don’t have any option and only have to suffer in this gambling which is dangerous for your Health. Hereby we are giving you tips to test/ check the real use of coating over sweets. You can easily test, if the silver leaf is real on your sweet or aluminum you are eating.

Here are the

steps you can take to identify real use of Silver leaf or Aluminum-  

1) Wipe the silver leaf from top of the sweet, if residue sticks to your finger, understand it is Aluminum and you are eating a metal.  

2)  Rub some silver coating/ leaf taking out from Sweets in palms of your hands. If it is pure silver it will disappear. In case it is adulterated with aluminum it will form a ball. 

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3) Put this coated silver leaf on fire, if it turns into a ball of silver, it is authentic. If it eliminates completely and leaves greyish ashes behind, it is aluminum coated.  

So we hereby recommend you the readers to identify the real use of Silver plating or mix-up with Aluminum metal. We want you to make aware on health issues & be healthy this festive season.

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