By Rohit Sindhu, Updated : Jul 14, 2020 16:26 IST
China denies burial to its soldiers killed in Galwan, hiding its blunder, say Experts

The family of the martyred Chinese soldiers have been pressurised by the Chinese Government to not perform the burial and other rituals precisely to cover up an episode where US Intelligence stated Bejing's attempt to be a blunder. The family has been told to not go for traditional burial ceremonies for the martyred.  The video came out that showed People's Liberation Army (PLA) personnel were anguished by the fact that unlike Indian Soldiers, their martyrs had received no honour and acknowledgement. The video went viral on all stages of social media.

China even has not revealed its causality figures, Indian media claims. According to reports in the Galwan Valley clash Commanding Officer of the Chinese army was also killed amongst other casualties it faced on June 15, clash. China although acclaims this to be a "fake news" that more than 40 Chinese soldiers were killed in the face off in Galwan Valley.

On other side Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed his deep condolences to the family of the Army Personnel during his monthly radio programme Mann ki Baat on June 28 & also has visited the Ladakh after the clash. PM Modi has has said sacrifices of these families are "worth worshiping" & their sacrifice will not go in vain.  

Whereas the Grieving families who lost their loved ones in the battle are mistreated by the Chinese government says the sources. Not only they refused to accept the causalities also denies the burial of soldiers. “According to the US Intelligence assessment, China is not accepting that its soldiers have been killed in order to cover up the episode that Beijing appears to consider a blunder", tweets WION News.

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Twitter in India was once on trend citing 100 Chinese soldiers killed at Galwan Valley in 15th June battle. Indian citizens affirm that the Indian Army has killed 100 Chinese soldiers and lost 20 Indian soldiers in the Galwan Valley Clash.