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Vishnu Puran on DD Bharti: Here are the cast & retelecast timings of Vishnu Puran

Vishnu Puran retelecasted on DD Bharti, Here are the cast, their real names, and retelecast timings of Vishnu Puran. After Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shri Krishna now Vishnu Puran to be re-telecasted on DD Bharti. Since the coronavirus lockdown began, Doordarshan has brought back the old memories of every Indian by retelecasting several shows from their archives. After Ramayan, Mahabharat, Circus, and Shrimaan Shrimati, the channel is now bringing back another religious show, Vishnu Puran. 'Vishnu Puran' will be air on Zee TV, starting May 25. Along with 'Vishnu Puran', the channel is also bringing the heartwarming adventures of the mischievous 'Makhan Chor' with 'Paramavatar Shri Krishna'.

The show stars Nitesh Bharadwaj in the lead role of Vishnu and Vaidehi Amrute as Lakshmi. The show first aired in the year 2000. Nitesh Bharadwaj also played the role of Lord Vishnu's eighth incarnation, Lord Krishna, in BR Chopra's Mahabharat. This show directed by Ravi Chopra and produced by BR Chopra, Vishnu Puran is based on an ancient collection of stories and scriptures by the same name. It talks about the stories of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu Puran on DD Bharti Timing

Vishnu Puran serial on DD Bharti, DD National announced the retelecast of the show on Twitter. Dekhiye chakradhar Bhagwan Shri Vishnu ke avtaaron aur mahima ki katha 'Vishnu Puran' aaj raat 7 baje se sirf DD Bharti par (Watch the stories of incarnations and glory of Lord Vishnu in Vishnu Puran at 7 pm on DD Bharti from today'

The re-telecast of BR Chopra's 'Mahabharata' on TV has come to an end. Re-telecast of 'Vishnu Purana' has been started from Thursday 14 May, keeping in view the love of the audience regarding mythological stories. The show is also made under the banner of BR Films. In 2003, this serial was telecast for the first time. Nitish Bhardwaj as Vishnu, and Vaidehi Amrite as Lakshmi were charmed. Vaidehi Ab is away from the world of acting. Come, let us know what she does now and why she got away from the curtain.

Vaidehi Amrite, the 'Vishnu Purana', directed by Ravi Chopra, has been widely discussed. She was active in the acting world for more than a decade. Vaidehi also appeared in the serial 'Jai Jwala Maa' in the year 2000. Whereas in 1995, 'Captain House', aired on DD Metro, was his first project on the small screen.

Vishnu Puran Star Cast 

Vaidehi also worked in 'Gruhasthi' in 2008 and 'Bashara' serial after 'Vishnu Purana' became a super hit. 'Vaisera' became the second most popular serial for Vaidehi after 'Vishnu Purana'. The show completed 280 episodes. She was in the role of Amrit Khurana in it.

'Basera' gave Vaidehi the most popularity. In the show, she played the role of a widowed mother. In this serial, she became such an elderly member of the family, who has to face the taunts of the rest of the members.

Vaidehi Amrite no longer does acting, but she is still attached to the small screen. Vaidehi is said to have been troubled by health problems for a long time, so he quit acting. However, she now supports her husband, who runs a production house.

Vaidehi lives in Mumbai and oversees assignment-production. The actors associated with the return of 'Vishnu Purana' are also very excited. The show is based on the story of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Actor Nitish Bharadwaj says his show 'Vishnu Puran' brings out theories and principles that give a deep insight into ancient Indian knowledge pool. Based on an ancient collection of stories and scriptures, the 2000 show is set to return to the small screen. Nitish plays Lord Vishnu in the show, which aims to impart interesting life lessons.

Nitish Bhardwaj as Vishnu/Ram/Krishna/Vamana/Parashurama
Vaidehi Amrute as Lakshmi
Sudhir Dalvi as Bramha
Samar Jai Singh as Shiva

After DD Bharti Vishnu Puran to aired on DD National soon

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