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These 5 Reasons & Sanaya Irani's Role bring the Ghost movie 2019 into Must Watchable List

Amazing !! The role of Actress Sanaya Irani, who brings plot of Ghost movie in centre along with Bhaargava's mystery are best to watch in the movie Ghost. Sanaya Irani who revealed in Interview, on asking about her performance she replied- she did best and it is best to watch. Acting, plot and horrific scenes in recent released Vikram Bhatt's Ghost movie 2019 are amazing. Spectacular performance of Sanaya Irani as Bhaargava's wife who got killed in the movie and her spirit haunts most are among key highlights which bring Ghost Movie 2019 in top class horror category movies of 2019.

These Reasons bring Ghost movie a Must Watchable

The Ghost move is revolves around the lead roles of Vikram Bhatt's Film- Sanaya Irani and Shivam Bhaargava. Film follows Karan Khanna (played by Bhaargava), who is a politician of Indian origin and lives in United Kingdom. Karan Khanna is accused of killing his wife. In movie Khanna tells his lawyer that a spirit committed the murder and should be tried. There are amazing horrific scenes of Sanaya and specially her acting as shown in Ghost movie 2019 trailer 1, trailer 2 seems spectacular.

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There are lots of reasons-

  1. Acting of Bollywood Actress Sanaya Irani

  2. Plot of the Horror Movie

  3. Background and Principal Photography

  4. Shivam Bhaargava's role as Karan Khanna an Indian politician

  5. Perfect dialogues & cinematography

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