Reason Behind Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's Fight: Here's What Happened

Today we will discuss the reason behind Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's fight. The reason for Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's fight dates back a couple of years. Wifes of both Krushna & Govinda, also have a major role to play in this rift.

By Harkirpal Singh, Updated : Sep 13, 2021 11:14 IST
Reason Behind Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's Fight: Here's What Happened
Krushna Abhishek Vs Govinda

Krushna Abhishek talks affectionately about the days when his uncle Govinda used to take them all to 5-star hotels and life with him was like a party for Krushna. However, over time their relationship deteriorated so much that Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja has now said in an interview that she does not even want to see Krushna's face. So what could be the reason behind Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's Fight? In order to find out, we just have to look at their past statements for each other. 

As per news reports from The Indian Express, regarding the reason behind Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's fight, Sunita Ahuja said earlier this week "That will never happen. In 2018, I said that as long as I am alive, things will not be resolved. You cannot abuse, humiliate or take liberties in the name of the family... issues " Will never be solved and I never want to see his face again in my life.

The fight between Krushna and Govinda started in 2016 when Govinda was making a comeback with 'Jagga Jasoos' and promoting the movie. He was seen with his wife Sunita and daughter Tina on Sony's The Kapil Sharma Show instead of the rival Comedy Nights Live, of which Krushna was a part at the time.

Angrily Krushna said, "Somehow our dates don't match. I texted him again four days ago, shockingly, I learned that he and his wife were shooting with Kapil on Wednesday. I was shocked. It was because I expected him to support me. His nephew."

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To make matters worse, Govinda expressed displeasure over a comment made by Krushna on his show. Krishna explained, "I jokingly said 'Maine Govinda ko Apna Mama Rakha Hai' which did not go down well with him. I tried to reason with him that it was not in bad taste."

He further said, "The truth is that calling him my mother's brother elevates my status. It wasn't insulting at all. I don't have a problem being addresses as Govinda's nephew; it's like my second identity. One star goes to multiple shows. But being a part of my family, I expected him to appear on my show first. He is now behaving like a celebrity superstar and not my Chi-Chi uncle." This could be a major reason behind Krushna Abhishek & Govinda's fight. 

According to The Indian Express report, Govinda also revealed his side of the story & he said. “Krushna is making money by insulting others on television. I was hurt by his 'Mama Rakha Hai' remark and called her home. I told him that he should refrain from making such statements under the guise of hate speech as they could be derogatory.

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But Sunita told me to let him work and I agreed that he is earning money this way. I'm used to reading good, bad, and ugly things about myself, but it's annoying to have a family member make a private conversation public. this is unacceptable. I am not willing to trust him anymore,” he had said.

He also added: "I've observed the way Krushna makes fun of the Khans - Salman and Shah Rukh. He's highly respected. He respects the 'good' times of a person, not an artist. Maybe, Mine. I go to his shows when the time comes. It's good. I can't change my nature in one day to suit the format of the show. I understand it's a professional threat to Krushna, but I can't be a part of it. " 

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